Why we focus on general physical preparedness

Coach Greg Glassman said it very concisely, "Everyone's needs differ by degree, not by kind." We believe we have something to offer everyone - the person who is a seasoned health and fitness guru as well as the person who has never exercised and is looking to start their journey to better health.  The programs go from least-involved to most-involved with daily interaction. We get that some of you just want to get a workout done, but we also understand that some of you would like some more guidance and coaching on what to do, things you should and shouldn't be doing, and how to best reach your goals. Choose between a General Physical Preparedness, Personal Remote Programming, and a Complete Wellness Plan. Read on below to see why we know this is right for you.


Your journey to a happier healthier version of yourself is special and we have defined a specific process to get you the results you deserve.


The unique intake process allows coaches to get to know you and your needs. A series of questions to help lead a coach through a discussion with you to better understand who YOU are and what YOU need. This meeting can be either over the phone OR via Skype/FaceTime. Yeah, you're working with real people here.


Creating your program is different for everyone. We use general physical preparedness as our base for everyone's needs. Then we take an individual approach to modify and scale weights, reps, intensity, and movements to best suit YOUR needs. You also get access to video feedback and movement demo pages.



Staying on track can be difficult when you're flying solo, we get that. That's why once a week we send you useful information to help better understand what it means to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. During this check in we will also likely see how the program has been treating you, changes that need to be made, and encouragement where we are seeing the most improvement.


Life happens, not every week is going to pan out perfectly. We know that, but we are always just a message away for questions and support. Not feeling motivated or not sure if you're hotel will have equipment to workout with, send us a message so you can talk with your coach and together you can find solutions that help you on your path to a happier, healthier life. 


Through our program you start to learn that exercise isn't something that you have to do, but rather something you get to do that improves your overall quality of life. You'll find yourself moving in ways you didn't think possible and you'll find yourself being challenged in ways you are proud of. Write down a list of 5 things you want to be better at, give us 6 months and we know that results in the "gym" spill over to all other areas of life. 

Sample of Programming

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4 reasons Patrice Lee does Personal Remote Programming:

Another part of this particular program that really has suited my very well is the use of The Fitbot app and the video demonstrations. I can learn the exercise, and I can also see ahead for the next WOD so I can plan what day to do it on. Since I travel a lot, knowing the type of space or the amount of time I will need ahead of time for a workout really helps me plan better. I think this makes it possible for me to stay committed to the 3x's a week workout schedule too. If I didn't know the workout ahead of time, I may just put it off if that particular day was too busy in my travel schedule. Using the app and emails has helped me a lot to stay on track no matter where I am.

I really like that you are flexible in the type of programs you develop for me. I thought it was great that we had a call at the beginning and you asked me my goal for this. It helped me to be focused and to work harder since I have a reason to want to get fit. As i mentioned, not being together physically or knowing each other personally, I am impressed thatyou can design WOD's that suit my physical level and yet are still challenging, and that you are flexible enough to let me improvise when I am not able to do an exercise exactly as planned. It's actually fun to try and find ways to make my WOD happen with what I have available to me in the various locations I find myself in throughout the month. I think this also makes me more intentional about my exercises. In addition, I like how you take into account my chronic pain areas, like my SI joint and my knee and you adjust the workouts accordingly.


Because my schedule is busy but flexible, in multiple cities, it seems very daunting to me to be a member at a gym or attend cross fit classes. With your program, I've found I am able to 'take it with me' and so I can't make any excuses for not exercising! That's a great help definitely.

I am a very private person when it comes to exercising, probably because I have not been active enough so I feel I look pretty stupid and uncoordinated. Doing these workouts at my own pace and timing has given me the freedom to just try anything without being insecure. Even trying to walk a wall! I'm sure, as I get in better condition, I will have more confidence to exercise with others, but for now this private space has been very helpful for me. I can sweat as much as I want ( no choice on that one) and grunt and push to do one more rep and it's all just me. Some are more motivated in a group, but I am doing fine on my own so far, of course with support from my very fit children! Eventually I would probably like to be with a group but I wouldn't have made it through the first 3 months if I had had to go to a gym or be in a class. Individual work has been great.

We have 3 different levels of remote programs that you choose how much involvement and guidance you get from one of our coaches.

General Physical Preparedness / Personal Remote Programming / Complete Wellness Program

Read more about them HERE

Interested in something else? Or something more intensive? We do much more than remote programming, check out the list below to see how we can be of service to you. We want you to be on the path to a healthier, happier life after all. 

Personal Training, Remote Programming, Private Yoga, Surf/Swim Lessons, Ocean Safety, Corporate Wellness Programs, Health Coaching, Adventure Retreats, and more. . .