How We Share

Part of our mission is to share how we live with anyone who wants to listen and learn how to get on what we call "The Road to Better Health". We share our philosophy and our love for health and wellness in a number of different ways in an attempt to make our reach as broad as possible, whether you are brand new to the wellness world or are a fitness expert, we hope to motivate you on the road to a happier healthier life! 



Health and wellness coaching

In addition to sharing our knowledge with everyone online we also offer a number of in person services that we have been perfecting over the years and believe that we have created valuable services to be used by you. Some of these things include: Personal Training, Group Training, Yoga, Ocean Safety Lessons, Private Lifeguarding, Swim/Surf Lessons, Guided Local Hikes, Goal Setting, Financial Coaching, Wellness Consulting, Customized Remote Programming and more. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you. 

social Platforms

We use a number of different avenues to share our content with as many people as we can. We use our Blog for posting weekly health and wellness tips and fun stories. We use our YouTube Channel to share our adventures and to tell stories about awesome people like you. We want to be able to easily interact with YOU so reach out, ask us any questions, or share your adventures(or advice- we aren't above listening) with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 




Live authentic tanks

PLAY (v.): To engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. 

These tanks are meant to be a simple yet powerful reminder to not take life too seriously and enjoy what it has for you today. Be present, be joyful, and take time to play. Enjoy this tank and never forget!