Treat People Well

When it comes to being happy and healthy, she says, “There’s no secret. Treat people well. They treat you well. We all care about each other, and now the world’s a better place.
— Leanda Keahi-Bevans

Sometimes I am not going to be able to say something better than someone else. I am posting a video from the CrossFit Journal this week and please, please watch it all the way through. You'll understand why afterwards, and this doesn't necessarily have anything to do with CrossFit. 

So much of health and wellness seems to be divided into several complicated components and I want to challenge that perspective and help others (and myself) discover that often times simple changes put you on the road to better health. See what I did there? ;)

This is my goal with what I am currently doing in this stage in my life. It is awesome to know that I am not the only one who has this desire to treat people well.

Pepperdine Alumni Water Polo

Soccer field above the Pepperdine pool

Soccer field above the Pepperdine pool

This Past weekend I got to play in my first alumni water polo game for Pepperdine University. I only have one photo from the experience afterwards but holy smokes was this a blast. I played water polo for Pepperdine from 2010 to 2011 before being told (by no ones fault, a story for a another day) I could either take financial aide or I could play. I chose to take the money and finish school at Pepperdine University where I was so incredibly lucky to be able to attend. This who event threw me into a strange rut that has kept me out of the water and from playing water polo for many reasons, until this weekend. 

The alumni all got to play the current Pepperdine water polo team for fun. I am definitely out of water polo shape even after all the things I do to keep myself fit, ouch! Nobody on the alumni team stayed in for more than a couple minutes at a time so we got plenty of rest ;) It felt like a lifetime ago that I had been in the water playing the sport that I spent 11 years playing. It was truly a blast to get back in and play again. 

After the game (of course, we won) they had a big BBQ gathering where we got to talk and hangout with all of the Pepp alumni ranging from graduating in '77 all the way to '15! It was also amazing to see some of the guys that I personally got to play with and the guys that I spend obnoxious amounts of time with. We shall see what this weeks brings for adventures!