Grow: Part 2

If you follow this blog you know that Liz and I started a garden about two and a half months ago and have been tending to it ever since. I want to grow in my life like these plants have grown below and this past week we sat down to make some GOALS for 2018. 


We have started to eat some of the kale that is growing and we have our first squash on its way. Hopefully soon we will also have tomatoes and cucumbers, followed by some peppers and onions. Talk about GROWTH!


I know that one of the most important aspects of growth is  observation and measurement. If you look at the two pictures above, you can clearly see growth. Writing goals down is like taking "Before" pictures for your growth.

This year on my goals list, among several things, are two big recipes for growth:

Self Investment (continuing education courses) and Reading (several books on different topics). 

These two things on my list are aimed more directly at my growth than they are at accomplishing things but I am here to tell you that any goals that follow the *SMART* guidelines are sure to lead to growth in your life. So do yourself a favor and take your BEFORE PICTURES for the new year and see how you grow in 2018.


** SMART GOALS click link for worksheet **






See you all in the New Year. Get ready for this next year on The Road to Better Health, thank you all for reading and participating. One of my goals last year was to have 100 subscribers to this blog by the end of 2018. I have 80 and I started at 0 at the beginning of the year. Thanks for taking me one step closer to my growth!