Fitness and Travel

In the past couple months I have been traveling more than normal for me. I get asked question that quite frankly is a very real problem that has some simple solutions that I want to help you with. 

How do I stay fit and active while I am traveling?   

I know that traveling feels like it can suck the life out of you, but I've found a couple different things that keep me fit and active while I'm traveling or on the road. 

1. Stay Hydrated

I find that my body wants to go into what I would describe like a stasis mode where all of my bodily functions are put on pause (I get really sleepy, I usually don't get hungry or thirsty and generally don't feel like moving. I have also found that a really good way for me to counter act that feeling is to stay hydrated with lots of water. I seem to find that the water keeps my system moving (not to mention that it keeps me going to the bathroom and moving to get back and forth often enough)

2. Do Mini WOD's or workouts 

Traveling makes it difficult to find a gym to workout in, or changes up your routine or maybe it makes you realize that creating a workout outside of the gym is a little bit more difficult than it sounds. But fear not! I want to share with you 4 different mini workouts that hopefully sparks your imagination for creating your own Mini WOD's to do while traveling. 

Workout #1

Every Minute on Minute

6 minutes

1 burpee

2 mountain climbers 

3 jumping jacks

4 air squats

plank until top of the minute



Workout #2

Flower Challenge

(put on the song called "Flower" by the Artist "Moby") squat down every time he says down, stand up when he says up. don't go down until they say down and don't come up until they say up and don't put your hands/arm on your legs in any way. 

Workout #3

Grab a buddy

Every twenty seconds switch off until all this work is completed:

80 long legged sit ups

80 air squats

80 mountain climbers 

80 step lunges


Workout #4

Solo Death by burpees

Minute 0-1: 2 burpee

Minute 1-2: 4 burpees

Minute 2-3: 6 burpees

Minute 3-4: 8 burpees

Minute 4-5: 10 burpees

Minute 5-6: 12 burpees

Continue until you can't finish the number of burpees in the allowed minute.

I hope these two quick tips and workouts help keep you fit and active while you travel, now get out there and explore this world!