The Road to Better Health

It's a journey...

Lets go together...

Hey Team! 

Just about a year ago, I wrote my first blog titled "The Road to Better Health" This website was an effort on my part to be more connected to friends and family and have a way to share my thoughts on health and wellness to whoever wanted to listen.

Most of you joined me back in January for The Whole Life Challenge, a game aimed at trying to get all of us to living healthier more balanced lives. Although my life has been pretty fun and exciting this summer with life guarding at Malibu First Point, sailing on a regular basis, and coaching at CrossFit Malibu, I have been doing a lot of growing as well. In particular I have been reading books and watching documentaries to better understand what it means to be healthy and how to live that out in our culture today. (I'll share more of these soon) I suppose ignorance is bliss when it comes to this sort of thing. At least that's what big food companies want us to think. I have now come to feel more empowered and confident in my RESPONSIBILITY to live a healthy life. I know some of you are thinking, Kolby, your a CrossFit coach, of course it's easy for you to be healthy. I, just like you, struggle with finding balance in life. Where should I make compromises and where should I not? When am I getting too consumed by my work life? What should I do with my free time? How do I eat healthy when it is neither fast or cheap?

I want to be on YOUR team, click here to sign up.

I want to be on YOUR team, click here to sign up.


This challenge allows us to take a deep and real look at how we treat our bodies but allows us to do it together, and after playing team sports all my life, I know how powerful a team can be. I want to be on YOUR team for this whole life challenge so that we can challenge and inspire one another to healthier happier versions of ourselves. 





If you have questions about how the game works here is a helpful link Quick Guide, but remember, the hardest part is signing up.

Never hesitate to reach out to me to ask questions and feel free to grab a friend and join the challenge with you. On top of all the incredible information that The Whole Life Challenge puts out I personally want to challenge the way that you think is healthy living by giving you relevant information about food choices, giving you as many ideas for play as possible, and encouraging you to believe in yourself.