Reading Makes You a Better Leader

This summer was filled with more reading than usual for me and I have come to realize that reading can be used as a great tool for personal development (along with several other things) but it is definitely something that you should be doing. It's inspiring to find all the insight others have to offer. I read these two books this summer and would definitely recommend them if you consider yourself a leader or would like to develop your leadership skills. 

If you don't consider yourself a leader or have no desire to be one. . . You can still find value in the books by better understanding the type of leader that YOU want to follow. There are so many bad leaders, you can empower yourself by knowing how to spot a good leader and don't settle for less!

Both phenomenal business men and excellent leaders Yvon Chouinard and Dave Ramsey, however I would say that live on opposite edges of the spectrum as far as lifestyle and business ventures. Two things that both of these great leaders do and big reasons that they have created such successful businesses are

1. Create a culture of trust and safety 

They care about their people (employees) more than they care about the numbers. They don't ask anyone within their business to do anything they themselves haven't already done, or wouldn't be willing to do. 

2. They know their "WHY"

Both of these leaders know WHY they are in business and believe in it with all of their heart. They have people with similar values and mindsets knocking down their doors to work for them. When you strive for excellence in your WHY, selling becomes a byproduct of who you are and a tribe starts to form. 

Put them on your list for this fall and get yourself on The Road to Better Health. 10 minutes a day is all you need. 

Beautiful view of The Malibu Pier from a hike up in the hills 

Beautiful view of The Malibu Pier from a hike up in the hills 

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