So You Don't Have To vol. 2

Here is a second installment of youtube videos that I have found super useful in the past week. Since I watch a lot of YouTube, I want to share all the best videos with you so you don't have to waste you time watching hours of video so you can learn something new. 

3 health and wellness videos, 2 personal development videos, and 1 just because

Health and Wellness

Why sugar isn't your friend. Here is a great perspective

Wonderfully said, stop sitting so much! Get back to what we were like when we were kids

More in depth view of the back squat, NOT just a movement demonstration

Personal Development

Inspiring story and compelling reasons to get out of your comfort zone. 

Reading WILL change your life. you should start doing more of it. 

Just for fun

Ever wonder how people used to make things? You know, before tools and tractors? Check out Primitive technology as he takes you through the process of building a hut like they used to.