Life Rolls On, Growth and Reflection

As many of you know CrossFit has been an extremely important part of my life in the previous 5-7 years and frankly most of my post graduate life. Starting with an internship under good friend, mentor, and role model Mike Anderson, I started my journey in the CrossFit world (Thanks Holden MacRae for making that connection). 

At this point in college I had had several conversations about what my future held as far as a career goes and I had narrowed it down to 3 major factors:

  • I was not going to have a typical 9-5

  • I was going to use my fitness

  • I was going to help poeple

At the time, I thought this meant I was going to be in the fire department. Little did I know the plans that were in store for me. 

When I finally started coaching classes on my own (9 months after interning) I was still a very timid coach who spent 30 minutes to  1 hour writing session plans for every class that I was going to teach. I wasn’t loud, I wasn’t confident, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do this. 


2 things kept me around. I never wanted to stop learning after I finished school and CrossFit was a perfect way for me to continue learning what I loved after graduating from Pepp. Second, I started building relationships with the people who walked into the gym day after day after day to make themselves better. They were people who were there on purpose and people I wanted to be around, not only were they there so I could make THEM better, but they were there to make ME better. I am not sure when the tides turned but I do remember all the sudden thinking, I know I am going to be doing this for the rest of my life. 


For most of you, that is probably where I met you. In the past 5 or so years I have built some incredible relationships with some rad people who know that I want CrossFit to be my way of life. 

I know full well the potential of the CrossFit space and methodology to change the lives of ANYONE who is willing to put in time and effort for the better. I continue to pursue excellence in my coaching, learning as much as I can from as many different places as I can. I continue to pursue excellence in how to run a successful gym that both fosters a community that builds people up and helps as many people who are willing. There is no point at which I will reach excellence in either of these things but I will constantly pursue that excellence until I choose another way of life. The consequence of not pursuing excellence is far too great. 

Will all of this being said, I am officially leaving my home of CrossFit Malibu to be the General Manager, Director of Operations of Crossfit Oxnard. It was a very difficult decision to leave my home because of all the relationships and mentorship I have gained as being a part of this community but I know and understand that if I want Crossfit Oxnard to be the community I know it is and can be, I need to put all of my time and energy into helping people here. I am committed to that community and how they pursue health and fitness. Showing that with my time is a big step for me. 


I truly believe that I am staying committed to how I wanted to live my life, (no 9-5, use my fitness, and help others) but it has surely taken a different road than I thought! 

CrossFit Malibu Fam, You’ve got 2 more weeks with me, don’t forget to say bye! But don’t worry, Oxnard isn’t far, Liz and I will still be around the area. 

Crossfit Oxnard Fam, STOKED to serve you guys and and this gym community as a whole. CFOx is for sure a place people can come to change their life and become better people. Looking forward to the years ahead. 

Cheers to the future!