No Media Meals

This week the lifestyle challenge is particularly challenging and eye opening. Take a deep breath and get ready to underestimate the amount of time that you spend on social media. Remember, you are on that road to better health.


Commit to not using social media of any kind during any of your meals

For the next week, Saturday February 11th to Saturday February 18th, you will commit to not using social media of any kind during any of your meals whether you are with friends or are alone. This includes things like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrist, LinkedIn,  email, texting, or games on your phone. 

For me, this lifestyle challenge really threw a huge brick in my face when I realized that I passively scroll through social media on several occasions each day. Especially when I eat meals by myself, I find that I immediately pull out my phone to check some things and end up finishing my meal without even noticing it. 

The intention of this weeks challenge is to create more of a relationship with you and the food you are putting in your body. Taking a little extra time and making meal time something that you do undistributed. You become a little more aware of the food you are eating and you might even start tasting your food differently and maybe even eating different quantities of your food too. Post your thoughts to comments and let me know if I am the only one who thinks this will be difficult. 

Making a plan

Often times I find that making a plan for my exercise each week increases the amount of training I actually do and allows me time to get outside and play too. I wanted to share a typical week of training for me and how I balance training and playing. My schedule changes EVERY week so this is just an example. (mostly dependent on the waves, I love surfing)

AM CrossFit @ CrossFit Malibu
PM CrossFit @ CrossFit Malibu
PM Yin Yoga @ 5 Point Yoga
Play day or
PM CrossFit @ CrossFit Malibu
AM Yoga @ 5 Point Yoga
PM CrossFit @ CrossFit Malibu
Play day or
Beach workout
Play day or
Rest day

Hope this is helpful as you try to plan your future weeks. As a general rule of thumb, if you sign up for a class beforehand, you are more likely to follow through and go. If you decide to workout at home, having the tv on is a sure way to distract your self from actually getting meaningful movement in. 

Had the privilege of driving the the beautiful valley of Ojai, CA just north of where I live where there are some beautiful ranches and walnut farms. Below are a couple photos of Black Mountain Ranch.