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Do You Play?

This topic hit me pretty hard this week. . .  With the completion of the Play Hat project I had some time to sit down and reflect on WHY I wanted to make these hats so bad. Trust me when I tell you, it had it's ups and downs, twists and turns, and complications and set backs. Reflecting refreshed my WHY and helps me live in confidence. 


A few days ago my fiancé Liz and I were down at the beach to do some filming, (more projects coming!) reading, and editing. About two hours into the day we went to do something that we do on a fairly regular basis; look for sea glass. If you live by the ocean you may have an idea of what . I am talking about but for the rest of you, sea glass is pretty unique. Typically, along the shore line at low tides, piles of rocks form where the ocean is bringing in this gravel from all over the world, depending on currents, storms, swell, and tons of other things. In these rock piles you can find pieces of glass that have become rounded and aged by the constant wearing of the ocean and the rocks around it. Sea glass isn't always present in abundance so sometimes you have to "hunt" for it. A couple things are pretty unique about sea glass. First, its comes in crazy different shapes, sizes, and colors and second, every piece of sea glass has a story. Some pieces are hundreds of years old and were used for medicine bottles while others were once Coco Cola bottles at one point. You can actually get a pretty good idea of how old and what that piece was once a part of at sometime in the past just by the thickness and color. 

What is so important about sea glass that you go and "hunt" it in your spare time?

Nothing! This is exactly the point I want to make today. For Liz and I, hunting sea glass is one way for us to PLAY. Play is defined as an activity done for recreation or enjoyment rather than a serious or practical purpose. There is nothing serious or practical about searching for sea glass. There is no value (other than it's pretty) and it ALWAYS brings smiles and laughter to both our faces. Something that keeps us happier and healthier as we go through our daily lives. It is used as a tool by us and we hardly even realize it. 



To engage in an activity for enjoyment or recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. 

I want to challenge you this week to reflect on the word play and its definition and I want you to look into your life and find something that resonates with the word. Think how that activity made you feel and how it moved your thoughts. I would love for you to share how YOU play in the comments below. If you don't feel comfortable writing in the comments below, I would love a personal email or text with YOUR version of play. Here are a few different things you might not typically recognize as play: Going on a walk with your dog, card games with friends/family, Mini golf, going for a walk with a friend, building things with your hands, Legos, video games, rock climbing, surfing, swimming, knitting, and lots of other crazy things too!


If this resonated with you or you found value in it, please share it with a friend. Sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest of times. I believe that ANYBODY can benefit by joining The Road to Better Health and the journey that we are all on. 

Why is Being Healthy So Hard?!

So often when I approach others about being healthy I am almost instantaneously hit back with reasons being healthy is too hard and un-achievable. I wanted to know why this is always the first response to a change that seems to be a no brainer. 

The first thought that comes to mind is the quote from Teddy Roosevelt, "Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty..."

But I want to dig deeper into why being healthy is hard and I want to look at one thing in particular that lets everything else fall into place. That piece is HABITS. 

I looked up several different ways that habits are built and broken and why change is hard. I came across this video about making and breaking habits and it's AWESOME! I linked it below

This sparked my interest and opened my eyes a little bit to why and how others see habits and of course how I see the simple habits all over my life.

The 3 things that he talks about are SINGAL SPEED, WILLPOWER MUSCLE, AUTOPILOT. He shows pretty good visual explanation of how each of these influences habits in very real ways. 

Connecting habits with health, Charles Duhigg wrote a book called "The Power of Habit" where he talks about how our will power is finite. 

What does this mean? Well if we try to form too many habits at the same time, or make BIG changes in our lives, our willpower gets tired and we end up not being able to form the habit. 

While trying to take on all the new habits associated with healthy living our willpower is spread VERY thin and the likelyhood that we give up is high. Don't get sucked into too many habits at the same time. 

He also found that as people strengthened their willpower muscles in one part of their lives - in the gym, or a money management program - that strength spilled over into what they ate or how hard they worked. 

So we know that once you can steadily build your willpower, it DOES start to effect all areas of your life. 

Here is my lesson for you today. If living healthy feels like too big of a task, I ask you to focus just one ONE aspect until it becomes habit, then move to the next aspect. I have found that this, like goal setting, cuts the image from the massive mountain to the next step and become much more attainable. 

What do I think everyone's first step should be? Easy, Join a community of like minded people. This could be a Facebook group, it could be a newsletter HERE (shameless plug), it could be a challenge, it can seriously be anything where you are exposed to more information about health and wellness. Once you are consistently learning about what it means to be healthy, Then it's time to take the next step. That step can be different for everyone! You can take THIS quiz to see where that step should be. 

Next time the thought of being healthy makes you feel overwhelmed, remember, all things worth doing are hard, but YOU have the tools to make it easier on yourself. 

Welcome to The Road to Better Health