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Time to Step up and Reach Out

In the past year I have been gearing up to launch my health and wellness company whose mission is to improve the lives of as many people I can reach. While going through college and after graduating I have always been trying to find my life's mission and I truly believe that I have found mine and want you to be a part of it. I studied sports medicine at Pepperdine and have spent the past 5 years as a CrossFit coach at CrossFit Malibu under the infamous Michael Anderson. I have worked hard to get several certifications and relevant work experience from as many different people as I can. Check out our ABOUT page to read up about this

The Road to Better Health is the realization of my mission to bring health and wellness to the local area around me and reach out virtually to impact those who want to live a healthier happier life but would like some guidance on the journey. I’m excited to have you along.

I do several things that I believe I have mastered and can help others become better with. Things like personal training, ocean safety lessons, corporate wellness programs, remote wellness coaching, basic financial coaching, and adventure retreats are a few and I’m still developing others. The goal of all of my services are to genuinely care about people enough to challenge what they think they are capable of and lead them to a better life.

Check out the PLAY hats at the bottom of the page!

I am inviting you to be a part of my journey and there are several different ways you can get involved and add value to your life.


Every week I release new ways that you can put yourself on the road to better health. These can range from daily practices to helpful apps to track your progress, to how-to guides for things you've always known you should do but just didn't know how to get started. It’s completely free and you can sign up here: BLOG. Don’t worry, I’m not spamming you. Please check out my content before you sign up so you don’t get confused about what I write about.


I would like to post more and more videos on my channel but I need the support from you guys. I typically post either about my adventures in the outdoors or health and wellness tips to keep you moving! 

I want to expand into filming some exercise demos, and in depth strategies on how to live a healthier happier life. By December my goal is to be putting out 1 new video each week. Check it out here: YouTube


This is the only one that requires you to actually talk to me, in case that absolutely terrifies you. I am, after all, a pretty hard guy to get along with. ;)

For $85 (less than $30 month) you can work 1 on 1 with me from anywhere in the US to develop a 90 day wellness program that is tailored to your goals and needs (50% discount). We start with a personal assessment of 3 large areas of your life; food, exercise, and stress, we do some baseline testing and goal setting and based off that I create a 90 day program that aimed at improving your life in the areas that you need it most. I check in with you weekly to see what and how changes can to be made. After 3 months we re-evaluate and change our goals accordingly. 

Sound like something you might want to try? Check it out HERE.


If you have read all this are still not interested in anything I have to say, I ask you one MASSIVE favor. Share my page or content with someone you think could benefit from what I am offering. You can find peace in knowing that you are making ME the best version of myself by doing so. Every person who you share this with has a profound impact on how I am able to grow in the coming years. 


My logo for the company is very important to me because it includes the word PLAY. This word has shaped my life in the past 7 years and I want to inspire and encourage others to embrace the power of this word in their lives. 

PLAY is a verb that means to do an activity for enjoyment rather than a serious purpose. As we grow out of childhood this is a concept for most of us that we unlearn and sometimes even mock. Play has the power to flip your world upside down and put you on the road to better health.

I have created a high quality hat with sustainable materials with the goal to expand my reach, to remind you to go play, and to spread joy to as many people as I can. 

The hat comes with two stickers and a PLAY placard so you can always have a reminder around even if you're not wearing your hat! I've included some pictures so you can check it out. 

I am linking a pre-order form HERE so you can secure your hat early. You have the option to pay now or pay later, but paying now gets you a sweet little discount. 


Moving into the unknown is a scary thing and very hard to step into but I have spent the past 7 years preparing myself to make a move like this. Learning many incredible things on my journey to where I am today, being mentored by peopled I respected, and finding peace in my short comings and areas of improvement, and it's just the start. Thank you for supporting me through the years, you all have driven me it follow my dreams and become who I am supposed to be!

Thank you for all your support and look forward to seeing you on The Road to Better Health,

Kolby Krystofik

Grow Some Food

Welcome back to The Road to Better Health where we talk about topics that keep you on track to live a healthy happy life. 

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A few weeks ago I talked about 4 different documentaries pertaining to food and how you can best educate yourself and set yourself up for success. The biggest take away from the post is that when it comes to food, ignorance ISN'T bliss. . . Read the blog HERE if you're up for a bit of a read. 

Anyways, one of the big suggestions in this post is to start a home garden and GROW some of your own food. Liz and I have taken the challenge and look forward to sharing with you. We just completed our very first garden box and are excited to fill it with soil and start growing some food we can eat! Not only is this a great way to know exactly where your food is coming from, I have actually found that this process has been a lot of fun and an awesome way to keep myself outside and learning new things. Who knew being healthy could be so fun!? If you are up for the challenge I am putting some links below to a few different DIY garden boxes to get you started. If you have any questions I'd love to hear from you in the comments or an email and I'll do my best to give you some valuable insight! Also, if you have any advice for us, I'm all ears! 

One of my friends The Urban Garden Girl wrote an awesome article on how to start growing all your own herbs, and trust me when I tell you, she knows what she's doing. READ MORE

Now we need some soil and seeds! What should we grow?

Now we need some soil and seeds! What should we grow?

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