The Choice is Yours

Welcome to the last week of The Whole Life Challenge! Our final lifestyle challenge is a little bit different this week. Over the past 7 weeks we have been experimenting with a new lifestyle challenge each week in order to find healthier habits that we can incorporate into our life after the "challenge" is over. 

This week YOU are going to choose one of the previous seven lifestyle challenges and finish off week 8 by completing it each day 

Here is the list of the seven previous weeks that you can choose from:

Create Your Future - Identify 3 short, medium or long-term goals at the beginning of the week. Re-write them each day by hand...simple daily reminder of what you’re shooting for in your life.

Support Your Teammates - Commenting daily on 3 of your team members' reflections

Meditation - Spend 10 minutes every day sitting silently watching your breath, observing your thoughts, repeating a mantra, or following a guided meditation

No Media Meals - Turn off all media during meals - whether you're alone or with someone. This includes computers, mobile devices, TV, and radio

Bedtime Ritual - Spend 5-10 minutes before bed taking actions to wind or quiet down before bed

See the Beauty - Take 3-5 photos during your day of things you think look beautiful, cool, or inspiring

Journaling - Spend 10 minutes daily writing in a journal

Post what you have chosen in a comment below to share with others

As we approach the end of this challenge I want you to reflect back on how these past 8 weeks went for you. You made specific goals at the beginning of this road. Check back in- where did you land amidst these goals? We all had different reasons for signing up for the challenge, but we all share the common goal of leading a healthier life. For some of you it was losing a few pounds, for others it was getting out and sweating more often, and yet for others it was to become more disciplined in the fuel you supply your body with. There was no right or wrong answer to why you signed up, only that you did. 

I feel very strongly that I have been called to create opportunities for others to meet and excel goals of their own in the realm of health and fitness. With that being said, I am here for YOU. Please send me a text, email or heck even give me a call so I can answer any questions you might have pertaining to The Road to Better Health.

I want to create value in your life and I do this in a couple different ways;

Personal Training 1 on 1 instruction where we tackle constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity, taking on complex motor patterns to make you a better prepared human in your every day life.

Remote programming for 1 month at a time where we work together to create a fitness prescription to best fit your goals with weekly progress check-ins.

Or a free health and fitness consultation where we talk about your goals and some ways to get you cruising on the road to better health. 


In the last week of the challenge, I want to offer something very special in place of a raffle. I am going to give away a month worth of Remote Programming ($65 value) to every participant who can post perfect scores from this Saturday, March 11th to next Saturday, March 18th. I want to see YOU finish this challenge strong and learn as much as you possibly can! 

The road to better health isn't always paved, sometimes it can be quite adventurous

The road to better health isn't always paved, sometimes it can be quite adventurous