One Goal From The End of The Game

Welcome to the start of The Whole Life Challenge! Each week we focus on a new lifestyle challenge and this week is GOALS! Do you practice writing your goals? or are they just some mystical dream that you think of every once in a while, then they wisp away just as quick as they came up. 

Goals are a health practice that is often overlooked as something that seems nice to do but doesn't really make an impact in the caziness of daily life. I see goals fitting under the realm of personal development, and personal development is a key to a happier, healthier life. 

Starting on week one (Saturday Jan 21st) you will WRITE DOWN a short term goal (up to 1 year), a middle term goal (1-3 years), and a long term goal (3-5 years) and you will RE-WRITE these goals everyday over the next week. 

The idea here is to create a vision for yourself here. They say when you write something down on paper, it changes the way you see it. Think about learning. As crazy as it may seem, when learning new skills or material, writing the material you are trying to learn down on a piece of paper actually improves your retention. Really want to nail it down, try writing it down everyday for a week. I can almost guarantee that that material is going to be on your mind a lot more often. 

Now translate that idea to your goals as you're thinking about them on Saturday. Spend a solid 15-30 minutes (maybe more) writing down these 3 goals. If you have more than 3 that you would like to write down, then more power to you! (but lets try to keep it under 5 to keep your focus pretty solid, and not overwhelmed) 

After you have your Short, Mid, and Long term goals, you will re-write those goals every morning for the next 7 days! I will check back in with you next week to see how this exercise worked for you. Did you find that your goals changed slightly over the week, were your goals getting easier to remember, were you starting to think about steps to achieving each of your goals, did they inspire any change in your actions? Can't wait to hear from you. 

On top of the weekly lifestyle challenge, remember to complete the other areas that you can get points throughout this next 8 weeks, nutrition, exercise, stretching, water intake, sleep, and reflections. be sure to check in with the Whole Life Challenge website if you are confused on how you score each of these categories. 

Whole Life Challenge pre-workout explaniation video

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Sugar, Take a Step in The Right Direction


We expected change, but we were
astonished by the magnitude of the
— Dr. Robert Lustig
fall is an amazing time for change...

fall is an amazing time for change...

We all are well aware that sugar isn't good for us. One thing that we might not be aware of is how much sugar is in the foods that we eat everyday that we don't even think about! reducing the amount of sugar we take in each day can have a big effect on our everyday health and wellness. With thanksgiving coming up around the corner I want to challenge you to be more aware of the food you are eating, not even changing them. 

A lot of CrossFit boxes and other health and wellness establishments are jumping on board in trying to help others reduce the sugar intake of anybody who is willing to give it a try. These events can be called many different things from detoxes, to challenges, to diets, cleanses. When first thinking about the change to a low sugar, or no sugar diet that jump seem insurmountable! I think that these events help those of us who are a little bit timid of trying something so new. If we can do it with some other people, then maybe it won't be so bad. After doing a version of these called "The Whole Life Challenge" I feel like I am better equipped to keep sugar intake at an all time low in my life. 

When I participate in this challenge, my energy levels are higher, I sleep better, I workout harder, and I find myself more productive every day. On top of this, my body composition also changes for the better. (I am not out of shape by any means but it still makes significant changes in my performance and appearance.)

I have no doubt that with as small of a change as taking sugar out of your everyday diet you will feel lasting effects for the better. This weeks article talks about the addiction we all have to sugar (even if we don't admit it) and what it is like to start the journey away from it. By no means is it easy, but it is plausible. Plus, doing things with a group of people makes it seem a little bit easier, whether its because we all can complain to each other, or keep each other accountable, or it gives us all a shared struggle to overcome.

If you are interested in doing one of these "challenges" to put you on the road to better health please feel free to email me or text me and I would be more than happy to talk to you about the one I par take in, "The Whole Life Challenge" and how it isn't as scary as you might think and how you can get started! 

The link to their site is HERE

Clink the button below and read this weeks article on sugar, what it is like to cut it from your diet, and the effects on your overall health. 

Mid-week Colorado trip

This past week I got to make a short trip to Denver, Colorado. One of the coolest impromptu trips I have ever taken. It was one of the first times that I have gotten to see a "fall", and boy was it beautiful! The crisp morning air reminded me of mornings in Arizona but with so much more beauty. The colors were vibrant and the sky was so blue!

I spent a little time up in the Red Rock Amphitheater, just a twenty minute drive from the city is a cool little museum and concert venue carved right into the mountains overlooking Denver. Then not too far from there is a little town called Evergreen, where you guessed it, there are thousands of evergreen trees! got to cruise around the biggest public ice skating rink on a lake in the USA. Of course it wasn't frozen when we saw it but I can imagine in the winter how beautiful it must be! 

Then I made my way to Littleton to visit the gym that a few of my friends (Jordan Smith and Erin Lee) work at called Project Move, you can check out their website HERE. Their facility was AWESOME. They have created a space not only for CrossFit classes but sports performance of any kind, teams, individuals, kettle bells, and even have several doctors offices in the same building that are a part of the team, chiropractors, physical therapists and foot doctors. If you are ever out in Denver, I highly recommend that you check them out! 

I also ate in downtown Denver at a brunch place called Snooze, one of the most hyped about brunch restaurants in the area. You can see a few of my selfies at the Union Station that has been converted to a hotel over the past few years and the trains have moved underground. The downtown is nice because unlike LA, it is WAY less chaotic. 

I really enjoy a good cup of coffee and boy did I get a pleasant surprise at THE coffee place called Corvus coffee. Awesome atmosphere and amazing coffee Definitely  a place to check out if you are a coffee fan or are around the area. Take a look at their website to learn about the cool things they are doing for the world. HERE is the link to their site. 

Enjoy these photos and remember you can click on them to make them bigger!