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Working out? Sometimes You Gotta Measure

I am a huge advocate of PLAY in our everyday lives but I am also a big advocate for good planning, and excellent execution when it comes to goals that we have. Dave Ramsey says something like an hour of planning saves several hours of wasted time and energy. 

At the beginning and end of the whole life challenge we will measure our fitness (with a workout) and weigh ourselves. The goal isn't necessarily to loose weight but it is helpful data to have. (Remember we are talking about our goals!) In the video below, follow Liz and I as we explain the workout we will do as a team (or on your own) at the start and finish of the challenge. If you haven't signed up yet, click here to sign up and join the movement to The Road to Better Health. 

10 Minute AMRAP

20 Reverse Step Lunges 

2x10 Meter Run

10 Push Ups

2x10 Meter Run

10 Air Squats

2x10 Meter Run

Remember to write down EXACTLY how you did this work out, including what height your step ups were if you modified the lunges, how exactly you did your push ups, were they on the ground, your knees, a table, against a wall, and how you did your squats, did you use full depth, did you use your favorite chair, did you sit on a box, or did bend the knees a tiny bit? All of these things are important to write down for the end. Even write how how you felt during the workout to compare to the end and remember, its all over after 10 minutes!