The Difference Between a Dreamer and a Doer

Take a minute and reflect on the past few months of your life. Have you had great ideas that you've thought of? Have you planned new trips, experiences, races, joined a community of like minded people? There are small differences between the dreamer and the doers but the results are drastically different. I am NOT saying that one is right and one is wrong, they are just very different. 

I also want to challenge you before you read this. I challenge you to share this post with 3 friends who are dreamers who you think could become one step closer to doers if they read this! Now READ!

Most days, in most cases, I would categorize myself under the title of a dreamer. 

I have plenty of awesome ideas that I think could bring value to peoples lives but at the end of the day, I find myself often getting caught up in the should of, could of, and would of the process and don't actually get anything concrete finished when things come down to it. Now of course this isn't always true, I do plan adventure trips, I do camping and exploring with friends but I often find myself not finishing just as many projects. 

What does this mean for you? how do you know if you're a dreamer? take a look at this list and if you said yes to more than 5 of them, then you are a dreamer.

  • Do you play it safe when it comes to taking risks?
  • Do you often seem to have a new ideas?
  • Do you fail at something less than 2 times a week?
  • Are you really good at making pros and cons lists?
  • Do you find yourself making excuses as to why you fail?
  • Does fear paralyze you?
  • Are you really good at seeing the destination? (end goal)
  • Do you find yourself comparing yourself to other who have what you want?

Before we go any further, lets talk about doers. Doers are typically the nitty and gritty people. They are the ones who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Often they are learning new skills, they have crazy stories of ways they failed and sometimes awesome stories of success. They are the people who don't let fear paralyze them from taking action. Doers often times see themselves as successful EVEN when that doesn't mean they have lots of money. They value experience over academia and some might even say they live quite adventurous lives. 

If you're a doer, you probably know it, but incase you haven't identified yourself yet take a look at this list and if you said yes to at least 5 of these, you got it, you're a doer!

  • Do you fail anywhere from a few to several times a week?
  • Are you fueled by the unknown?
  • Do you focus on the journey rather than the destination?
  • When you fail, do you look for solutions?
  • Do you focus on what you can do rather than focus on those around you?
  • Are you actively writing goals and completing them?
  • Do you find that life is full of adventure and excitement?
  • Do others come to you to get a project done?

Check out the TED talk that helped inspire this blog post! Click HERE to watch it


Now if you are like me and want to know how you can shift yourself from the dreamer side to the doer side without losing your sense of direction, sense of consistency, here are a few suggestions to help you jump in the water without dunking your head under. REMEMBER, I am an advocate of doing 1 thing at a time! So only choose one of these and try it for a few weeks! I would love to hear your experiences and if you choose one of these, which one! leave a comment below.

  1.  Next time you are out to eat, look ONLY at 5 items on the menu and choose from those within 2 minutes! Yes, this is FAST but the goal is to be a little ok with "failure" (eating food you aren't extremely pumped on). Until you pick that meal that is AWESOME
  2. Write down 3 goals that you want to complete in the next 8 WEEKS! that is very short time frame so make sure they are SMART goals (look up the acronym to help you write them)
  3. Surround yourself with doers! you know a few of these people in your life. They are the people in your life that exhaust you even by knowing them. You think, "How the heck do they do so much?!" yeah, ask to hang out with them. AS OFTEN AS THEY CAN HANDLE YOU. 

Remember, choose one and try it for the next 8 weeks! Small Steps on The Road to Better Health. It IS the journey, not the destination. Subscribe and share with friends if you think they would enjoy this content, I appreciate you more and more every time you share this with your friends! 

The summit of Mt Whitney a few years ago. Seeing myself as a dreamer that DOES. A good friend of mine Jesse Aston and I take a pic amidst the snow without shirts on. Being goofballs as usual. 

The summit of Mt Whitney a few years ago. Seeing myself as a dreamer that DOES. A good friend of mine Jesse Aston and I take a pic amidst the snow without shirts on. Being goofballs as usual.