The Road to Better Health

Are you interested in taking small steps to improve your overall health? Think that changing too much at one time will be to overwhelming? Wondering whether not your life fits in this realm of Healthy Living? You are in the right spot. 

My name is Kolby Krystofik, I am going to start to write more and more to share my experience and my story with anyone who wants to listen and hopefully learn a thing or two. 

So often I am talking with friends, family, or strangers about what I do as a CrossFit instructor and heath coach eventually the question arises:

"Why would anybody pay for any of that? Can't you just exercise and eat better? Anybody can do that for free." 

Most of the time nobody wants to hear my long answer after I tell them my short answer: "Because it makes sense."

But I am going to do a brief explaining right now. The long answer is that it makes sense. When presented with the topic of health, what it means to be health, and how to be healthy, people fall ALL over the spectrum as to how much info they know to how much they actually apply. 

I am going to compare learning how to take full control of your health to something that I relate to very closely here on this site; learning how to surf. 

Learning how to surf is an acquired skill. Now don't get me wrong, absolutely anybody (within driving distance to the beach of course) can buy a surf board, go to the beach, and learn how to surf. sounds simple doesn't it? Until you get to the water and are confused as to why nothing feels right, and you get out of the water significantly more frustrated then when you got in the water. 

This is how I learned to surf and from experience, a lot of the time it wasn't fun to go out with your friends and just get thrashed by the ocean and even a little frustrating when they seemed to be having so much fun. Having a coach would have saved me an insane amount of time, and stress. I would have had more fun sooner (gotten better results, faster) if I had someone teaching me. 

Now think about this for a second. You hire an instructor that loves to teach what you are trying to learn. (this aspect is incredibly important) Before you even meet for the first time, he (or she) tells you what kind of surfboard you would learn best on, and he might even have one he would be more than happy to lend you. He tells you what kind of wet suit you should get or if you should even both with a wet suit. Then you show up for your first session and they talk about ocean safety and how to get the most out of your learning experience, they talk about things you should be thinking about to break the information into understandable and applicable pieces. Then you finally get in the water and take it one step at a time.  

Then you get out of the water with a good teacher and understand why they charge money for what they do. Their knowledge in this field far exceeds yours, they know the best way for you to reach your goals, and they have a lot of experience with the learning process and how it works. 

The way I see it a fitness/health coach,  is no different. They are somebody who has spent a lot of time expanding and enhancing their knowledge of the subject they are teaching, They know the most effective you for you to reach your goals, and they have a lot of experience in making small steps to living a healthier life. Their goal is to get you better results, faster. 

I am someone who is so passionate about what I do for others and what I believe in that I am giving it away. I want to be able to help who ever is willing to make a change. 

"Because it makes sense." we need change in this world and I am willing to help.

After all, being healthy isn't just about going out and running a few miles each day. 

Follow my blog each week to learn a little about heath and what you can do this week to put yourself one step closer to a healthier life.