"They are able, who think they are able" -Virgil

Liz here this week. Hope you enjoy :) ...

I believe people don’t just accomplish their goals on accident. Those who are motivated to reach a specific goal usually write it down, look at it everyday, and continually find ways to get themselves closer to reaching it through training, practicing, and putting in the hard work to take themselves where they want to go. You may have heard goal-setting tips before such as writing your goals on the mirror, setting timelines for yourself, and mapping out the steps you will need to take along the way. But what people sometimes forget and is one majorly essential attribute in striving for your goals: self-efficacy.

Self – Efficacy: One’s belief in their ability to succeed in a specific situation, accomplish a task, or reach a goal

Maybe you’ve heard of this term, maybe you haven’t, but I know everyone has heard the main idea of what self-efficacy encompasses through phrases like “Believe in yourself and anything is possible” or “Have faith and all your dreams will come true” or one that I personally resonate with more “The body achieves what the mind believes.” Although these may be extremely overused, cheesy, and not very effective in motivating you to get fired up, I believe the underlying message here IS EVERYTHING when it comes to accomplishing your goals.

The definition of self-efficacy is someone who has a belief in his or her own ability to succeed. I realize not everything you want to be, do, or become is attainable through simply ‘believing in yourself’’ but if you create SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound goals) – maybe I’ll have Kolby write a blog on SMART goals soon – then a huge part of reaching these goals is knowing and believing you actually have the ability to accomplish them. I believe our human bodies and minds are so much more powerful and capable than we give them credit for, myself included.


Kolby has been asking me to write a blog for a while now and I finally got around to it, inspired by two sources. The first-  I am currently working on getting my Group Fitness Instructor certification and the term self-efficacy came up in my reading for how to help your fitness class participants be more successful in class. This instantly fired me up as I often experience this with my friends and clients through the direct correlation between increasing someone’s self-efficacy and helping them reach their goals, especially with the ocean.

Which brings me to the second real-life inspiration. My friends Cecily, Chelsea, and I went for a swim the other morning out at Zuma Beach where there is a buoy offshore about 250 yds. (I got Cecily’s approval to tell this story as she exemplified the perfect example of just how powerful self-efficacy can be). Cecily and I have been swimming together regularly over the past few weeks as she is training for a triathlon and wants to get more comfortable swimming in the ocean and getting through the waves. We kept our fins on to swim to the buoy and while we were blissfully enjoying the morning sun and calm water, she said something along the lines of, “It’ll be so cool one day to swim out to the buoy and back without fins.” As soon as she said this, I got an idea! And tried to hide my mischievous excitement as much as possible... We made it out to the buoy and as we were nearing the shore again we checked our watches and had some extra time before we needed to go. I suggested we do another buoy swim, seeing the dread on her face, but knowing she would accept the challenge because of her willing and constant adventure-seeking spirit. (She’s definitely a do-er, if you read Kolby’s blog last week). After I proposed another swim I added, “But with no fins.” I had seen her swim almost twice this distance in the pool without fins and had no doubt she could do it. She wouldn’t have the pool’s wall to grab if she wanted to rest or the comfort of seeing what’s below her feet, but I told her I would swim next to her while holding her fins, just in case she needed them. I wanted to give her this peace of mind as I somewhat felt like I was tricking her into swimming more than she was planning to today, and maybe more than she even thought she was capable of. Although slower, we made it to the buoy and back and once her feet touched down on the sand in the shoreline I reminded her of the words she said not more than 15 minutes before.

"It’ll be so cool one day to swim out to the buoy and back without fins."

Little did Cecily know that "one day" statement was going to be that very day. So what goals do you have for yourself currently? Do you believe your body is capable? Is a belief of incapacity stopping you from even trying? Because I believe 100% in the amazing capabilities our bodies have, but you have to believe it too. I suggest finding someone who has reached or attained a similar goal as yours and asking them about their experiences. What did they do to get there, what would they do differently, and if they have any recommendations for you. They most likely will have some advice that will increase your self-efficacy in the pursuit of your goals. They might even tell you it will be easier than you think. All goals start in the mind before doing any physical prep for your body. One of my favorite quotes my mom gave me at my high school graduation is

You are braver than you believe & stronger than you seem & smarter than you think.
— Said by Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh.


Your mind is your body’s biggest obstacle. Or it can be your biggest source of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. Take a leap in the direction of your goals by changing your mindset and not letting the belief of inability or inadequacy get in your way.

No Media Meals

This week the lifestyle challenge is particularly challenging and eye opening. Take a deep breath and get ready to underestimate the amount of time that you spend on social media. Remember, you are on that road to better health.


Commit to not using social media of any kind during any of your meals

For the next week, Saturday February 11th to Saturday February 18th, you will commit to not using social media of any kind during any of your meals whether you are with friends or are alone. This includes things like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrist, LinkedIn,  email, texting, or games on your phone. 

For me, this lifestyle challenge really threw a huge brick in my face when I realized that I passively scroll through social media on several occasions each day. Especially when I eat meals by myself, I find that I immediately pull out my phone to check some things and end up finishing my meal without even noticing it. 

The intention of this weeks challenge is to create more of a relationship with you and the food you are putting in your body. Taking a little extra time and making meal time something that you do undistributed. You become a little more aware of the food you are eating and you might even start tasting your food differently and maybe even eating different quantities of your food too. Post your thoughts to comments and let me know if I am the only one who thinks this will be difficult. 

Making a plan

Often times I find that making a plan for my exercise each week increases the amount of training I actually do and allows me time to get outside and play too. I wanted to share a typical week of training for me and how I balance training and playing. My schedule changes EVERY week so this is just an example. (mostly dependent on the waves, I love surfing)

AM CrossFit @ CrossFit Malibu
PM CrossFit @ CrossFit Malibu
PM Yin Yoga @ 5 Point Yoga
Play day or
PM CrossFit @ CrossFit Malibu
AM Yoga @ 5 Point Yoga
PM CrossFit @ CrossFit Malibu
Play day or
Beach workout
Play day or
Rest day

Hope this is helpful as you try to plan your future weeks. As a general rule of thumb, if you sign up for a class beforehand, you are more likely to follow through and go. If you decide to workout at home, having the tv on is a sure way to distract your self from actually getting meaningful movement in. 

Had the privilege of driving the the beautiful valley of Ojai, CA just north of where I live where there are some beautiful ranches and walnut farms. Below are a couple photos of Black Mountain Ranch.

One Goal From The End of The Game

Welcome to the start of The Whole Life Challenge! Each week we focus on a new lifestyle challenge and this week is GOALS! Do you practice writing your goals? or are they just some mystical dream that you think of every once in a while, then they wisp away just as quick as they came up. 

Goals are a health practice that is often overlooked as something that seems nice to do but doesn't really make an impact in the caziness of daily life. I see goals fitting under the realm of personal development, and personal development is a key to a happier, healthier life. 

Starting on week one (Saturday Jan 21st) you will WRITE DOWN a short term goal (up to 1 year), a middle term goal (1-3 years), and a long term goal (3-5 years) and you will RE-WRITE these goals everyday over the next week. 

The idea here is to create a vision for yourself here. They say when you write something down on paper, it changes the way you see it. Think about learning. As crazy as it may seem, when learning new skills or material, writing the material you are trying to learn down on a piece of paper actually improves your retention. Really want to nail it down, try writing it down everyday for a week. I can almost guarantee that that material is going to be on your mind a lot more often. 

Now translate that idea to your goals as you're thinking about them on Saturday. Spend a solid 15-30 minutes (maybe more) writing down these 3 goals. If you have more than 3 that you would like to write down, then more power to you! (but lets try to keep it under 5 to keep your focus pretty solid, and not overwhelmed) 

After you have your Short, Mid, and Long term goals, you will re-write those goals every morning for the next 7 days! I will check back in with you next week to see how this exercise worked for you. Did you find that your goals changed slightly over the week, were your goals getting easier to remember, were you starting to think about steps to achieving each of your goals, did they inspire any change in your actions? Can't wait to hear from you. 

On top of the weekly lifestyle challenge, remember to complete the other areas that you can get points throughout this next 8 weeks, nutrition, exercise, stretching, water intake, sleep, and reflections. be sure to check in with the Whole Life Challenge website if you are confused on how you score each of these categories. 

Whole Life Challenge pre-workout explaniation video

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