So You Don't Have To

I watch A LOT of YouTube and there is sooo much great information that can be extremely valuable. Buuuuut there can also be a ton of videos that are a complete waste of time. Over the next several weeks I want to share the most valuable videos that I watched during the week in several different categories. Check em out below:

Top 3 Videos For Health and Wellness

Video on two different approaches to fasting

Coach Glassman speaking on how to change lives

Will Power is an extremely useful tool on your road to better health

Top 2 videos on personal development

Simple Tips for personal finance 

An old video from Simon Sinek that inspires you to take a second look at how you approach life

1 Video purely for entertainment, but maybe you'll learn


“Don't let the expectations and opinions of other people affect your decisions. It's your life, not theirs. Do what matters most to you; do what makes you feel alive and happy. Don't let the expectations and ideas of others limit who you are. If you let others tell you who you are, you are living their reality — not yours. There is more to life than pleasing people. There is much more to life than following others' prescribed path. There is so much more to life than what you experience right now. You need to decide who you are for yourself. Become a whole being. Adventure.” 

Roy T Bennet -    

Photo by Bruce Klumph

Photo by Bruce Klumph

Being honest and true to yourself is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself to improve your health, happiness, and self confidence. Often times I hear the saying, be in this world, not OF this world. So much of what I have learned is that our culture (US predominetly) is not conducive of real happiness, real health, or real purpose. We are surrounded by values and pressures like

"Fake it till you make it"

"Black Friday"


"Keeping up with the Jones"

"Stable job so you can afford the nice house, nice car, nice things" 

Not everybody buys into these values and that's abundantly clear, but it is very easy to get sucked into and before you realize it, the twister of false happiness keeps you from escaping. 

Being a health and fitness professional, something that I believe is one of the most important aspects of helping others create success is being honest and transparent about your journey and what they can and should expect. 

I am on The Road to Better Health just like everyone else, and like everyone else, I have areas that I struggle with and am continually learning and improving in. Just because I have a degree and several years experience does NOT mean that I am perfect and have everything figured out. I am real, just like you. 

I struggle with consistency on my workouts. Throughout the year I find that there are times that there is a close to a week between my workouts and at times maybe even a little more. Staying consistent with training when work is really busy (Ocean lifeguard for me) or while traveling  (lots of road trips and traveling to see family). I do often find ways to "play" during those times with things like surfing, hiking, and maybe even some skateboarding, but I am less consistent with getting training in. Don't get me wrong, I train regularly and I would consider myself in great shape, but sometimes life grabs you and it takes a little while to figure out how to wiggle free. 

Another thing I struggle with is DONUTS, I am someone who really enjoys donuts. I always have, and always will. I have done several things to help me figure out how to better control how many and how often I eat these. I often used to buy a dozen donuts at a time and I could eat them all in one sitting or over the course of a couple days. I NEVER felt good after eating those donuts but would continue to do it to my body over and over. In 2016, I vowed to stay away from donuts for an entire year. after about 2 months it was much easier to stay away for the rest of the year. Nowadays I let my self have a donut here and there when I really feel like having one. No longer do I let my self eat SEVERAL at one sitting or let myself do it nearly as often. No I still don't feel great after eating a donut, but I enjoy it while I eat it and I don't feel guilty or shameful for doing it. 

I also struggle with productivity when times are slow. Most of every summer the past few years I have been lifeguarding for Los Angeles County and also coaching and training, during the winter when I am not lifeguarding I work significantly less hours and find myself twiddling my thumbs looking for things to do (a few hours here, a few hours there) and know there are better things I can be doing with my time from planning some adventurous trips, to taking continuing education courses to further my knowledge in the health and fitness world, deepening my friendships, playing, even taking some time to do some leisure reading that I have been wanting to do. There are endless possibilities and I need to step out and turn those possibilities into realities. In the past year I have been developing this site and writing blogs more and more. I have even stepped in front of the camera a few times to share. One of the biggest fears of mine and possibly a reason why doing these things takes so much intentionality is my fear of failure. I let the idea of failure or the actual act of failing paralyze my actions. It has been increasingly humbling to understand that failure IS normal and that in fact a necessity to move forward and learn, grow, and mature.  

Sometimes joining The Road to Better Health can be pretty terrifying but I am here to tell you that despite what everyone tells you, we ALL struggle to keep our journey on the right path. Don't be deceived by by the cool photos, awesome websites, and miraculous before and after stories. Don't get me wrong, they are awesome and are absolutely a TRUE part of the journey but they are not the ONLY part of the journey. Be ready to embrace the hardship alongside all the benefits and remember that you want someone who understands those struggles to be along side you with you during your victories.

I leave you with with this quote from one of our former presidents Mr. Teddy Roosevelt:

"Nothing in the world is worth having or doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty... I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many of people who led difficult lives and led them well."

Now grab a friend and go do something worth doing, live authentically  

Giving: Can Gift Giving Really Make You Healthier?

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

- Winston Churchill 


We all one time or another have heard that giving is something that you should do and maybe you have even heard that it is good for you, but maybe you're still wondering why? It isn't just the churches and non-profits in the world that think you should give, even science shows that it's actually good for your health. Which is why there is even more of a reason for us to be giving ;)..

There are three specific chemicals in your brain that are released during the act of giving. Serotonin, Dopamine, and Oxytocin. These three chemicals make up what they call the happiness triad, and for a good reason.  Serotonin works in conjunction with Dopamine as a reward and relax response. Oxytocin is partially responsible for creating our feeling of empathy and trust in relationships. Not too long ago I was listening to a talk from Simon Sinek where he talks about these three chemicals and why they are ESSENTIAL to our survival as a species. In short, and not nearly as eloquently as he said it; our species has evolved on our ability to do well together and not on our own. These chemicals have helped spur on behaviors that would likely help our "tribe" survive by incentivizing giving help to one another. Dopamine is released when we are in the act of giving, producing a feeling that we want to be able to repeat. Serotonin is released to help us understand, learn, and remember how to get that boost of dopamine again. And oxytocin is released to foster a sense of trust causing our blood pressure to drop and an inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system that allows us to relax and recover. This all happens because our body knows that we were made to live collectively as humans! How awesome is that!?

Last but not least, I have been reading, "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman and there is a section completely dedicated to gift giving. Here is a snapshot:

"The connection between love and gifts is more deeply rooted than most people realize. How old were you the first time you picked a flower or dandelion and gave it to your mom as a present--a way of saying, 'I love you'? How many knickknacks did you create for your parents at camp, in Sunday school, or in art class?

The instincts are there. Harnessing and perfecting those natural inclinations is the key to becoming fluent in the love language of gift giving. 

The notion that delighted your parents all those years ago (and perhaps still does) runs strong in people whose primary love language is gift giving. A gift is something they can hold in their hands as they say, 'Look, he was thinking of me.' Therein lies the appeal. You have to think of someone before you give them a gift. The gift itself is a symbol of that thought. It doesn't matter whether it costs money. What's important is that you thought of them--that you took the time to consider what would make them happier, then followed through."

This piece hit me pretty hard because I struggle with giving monetary and physical gifts. The minimalist in me says that gifts are a waste of time, energy, and resources, but even deeper my heart is beginning to learn that it's honestly the thought that counts. Letting a person know that you "know" them and create something meaningful for them. Money or no money, you can let people know you care about them! 

Thanks for reading and joining me on The Road to Better Health! I would love it if you shared this post with someone you think would benefit for reading this blog, we are so close to 100 subscribers and I want to continue impacting as many lives as I can.

 Check out this infographic by HAPPIFY to have your mind blown by some giving facts!


Be Like Water

"Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash."

- Bruce Lee


The genius of this statement is easy to understand and hard to implement. The idea of flow is a way to live a stress free life that will change you forever. Adapting to change like water will help you lead a healthier happier life. Here are 5 different ways you can continue your journey on The Road to Better Health:

  • Exercise
    -an easy way to regulate hormones, expend energy, be present, and improve your confidence. Anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour can help to reduce your stress and even help you sleep better.
  • Meditation
    - The practice of being present usually involves deep breathing, sitting still, and a singular focus, usually in the present moment. Try to incorporate some calming music or a candle/incense to accompany your practice. 
  • Write Things Down
    - When the overwhelmed feeling of having too much to do creeps up on you, try starting a to do list and start at the top. Having tasks written down can dramatically reduce stress Check out this article.
  • Laugh
    - The science is sound, check it out. laugh more
  • Learn to Say No
    - In life we are typically offered more and more and sometimes we can do ourselves some good by saying no. In a world of doing, sometimes we need to start being. Time for yourself is just as important as the time you give away. 

Stress is important in living a healthy life but like many things, balance is essential when trying to manage how much and which kinds of stress are beneficial. Generally speaking CRONIC stresses are not good for you, where ACUTE stresses are good for you. While this isn't always the case I think it is a fair way to quickly asses your stress levels. Now get out there, start livin' and I'll see YOU on The Road to Better Health.


Don't forget to share and subscribe if you like this content, and keep an eye out for a couple challenges I'll be doing in December and January!

a good type of stress ;)

a good type of stress ;)

Do You Play?

This topic hit me pretty hard this week. . .  With the completion of the Play Hat project I had some time to sit down and reflect on WHY I wanted to make these hats so bad. Trust me when I tell you, it had it's ups and downs, twists and turns, and complications and set backs. Reflecting refreshed my WHY and helps me live in confidence. 


A few days ago my fiancé Liz and I were down at the beach to do some filming, (more projects coming!) reading, and editing. About two hours into the day we went to do something that we do on a fairly regular basis; look for sea glass. If you live by the ocean you may have an idea of what . I am talking about but for the rest of you, sea glass is pretty unique. Typically, along the shore line at low tides, piles of rocks form where the ocean is bringing in this gravel from all over the world, depending on currents, storms, swell, and tons of other things. In these rock piles you can find pieces of glass that have become rounded and aged by the constant wearing of the ocean and the rocks around it. Sea glass isn't always present in abundance so sometimes you have to "hunt" for it. A couple things are pretty unique about sea glass. First, its comes in crazy different shapes, sizes, and colors and second, every piece of sea glass has a story. Some pieces are hundreds of years old and were used for medicine bottles while others were once Coco Cola bottles at one point. You can actually get a pretty good idea of how old and what that piece was once a part of at sometime in the past just by the thickness and color. 

What is so important about sea glass that you go and "hunt" it in your spare time?

Nothing! This is exactly the point I want to make today. For Liz and I, hunting sea glass is one way for us to PLAY. Play is defined as an activity done for recreation or enjoyment rather than a serious or practical purpose. There is nothing serious or practical about searching for sea glass. There is no value (other than it's pretty) and it ALWAYS brings smiles and laughter to both our faces. Something that keeps us happier and healthier as we go through our daily lives. It is used as a tool by us and we hardly even realize it. 



To engage in an activity for enjoyment or recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. 

I want to challenge you this week to reflect on the word play and its definition and I want you to look into your life and find something that resonates with the word. Think how that activity made you feel and how it moved your thoughts. I would love for you to share how YOU play in the comments below. If you don't feel comfortable writing in the comments below, I would love a personal email or text with YOUR version of play. Here are a few different things you might not typically recognize as play: Going on a walk with your dog, card games with friends/family, Mini golf, going for a walk with a friend, building things with your hands, Legos, video games, rock climbing, surfing, swimming, knitting, and lots of other crazy things too!


If this resonated with you or you found value in it, please share it with a friend. Sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest of times. I believe that ANYBODY can benefit by joining The Road to Better Health and the journey that we are all on. 

The Difference Between a Dreamer and a Doer

Take a minute and reflect on the past few months of your life. Have you had great ideas that you've thought of? Have you planned new trips, experiences, races, joined a community of like minded people? There are small differences between the dreamer and the doers but the results are drastically different. I am NOT saying that one is right and one is wrong, they are just very different. 

I also want to challenge you before you read this. I challenge you to share this post with 3 friends who are dreamers who you think could become one step closer to doers if they read this! Now READ!

Most days, in most cases, I would categorize myself under the title of a dreamer. 

I have plenty of awesome ideas that I think could bring value to peoples lives but at the end of the day, I find myself often getting caught up in the should of, could of, and would of the process and don't actually get anything concrete finished when things come down to it. Now of course this isn't always true, I do plan adventure trips, I do camping and exploring with friends but I often find myself not finishing just as many projects. 

What does this mean for you? how do you know if you're a dreamer? take a look at this list and if you said yes to more than 5 of them, then you are a dreamer.

  • Do you play it safe when it comes to taking risks?
  • Do you often seem to have a new ideas?
  • Do you fail at something less than 2 times a week?
  • Are you really good at making pros and cons lists?
  • Do you find yourself making excuses as to why you fail?
  • Does fear paralyze you?
  • Are you really good at seeing the destination? (end goal)
  • Do you find yourself comparing yourself to other who have what you want?

Before we go any further, lets talk about doers. Doers are typically the nitty and gritty people. They are the ones who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Often they are learning new skills, they have crazy stories of ways they failed and sometimes awesome stories of success. They are the people who don't let fear paralyze them from taking action. Doers often times see themselves as successful EVEN when that doesn't mean they have lots of money. They value experience over academia and some might even say they live quite adventurous lives. 

If you're a doer, you probably know it, but incase you haven't identified yourself yet take a look at this list and if you said yes to at least 5 of these, you got it, you're a doer!

  • Do you fail anywhere from a few to several times a week?
  • Are you fueled by the unknown?
  • Do you focus on the journey rather than the destination?
  • When you fail, do you look for solutions?
  • Do you focus on what you can do rather than focus on those around you?
  • Are you actively writing goals and completing them?
  • Do you find that life is full of adventure and excitement?
  • Do others come to you to get a project done?

Check out the TED talk that helped inspire this blog post! Click HERE to watch it


Now if you are like me and want to know how you can shift yourself from the dreamer side to the doer side without losing your sense of direction, sense of consistency, here are a few suggestions to help you jump in the water without dunking your head under. REMEMBER, I am an advocate of doing 1 thing at a time! So only choose one of these and try it for a few weeks! I would love to hear your experiences and if you choose one of these, which one! leave a comment below.

  1.  Next time you are out to eat, look ONLY at 5 items on the menu and choose from those within 2 minutes! Yes, this is FAST but the goal is to be a little ok with "failure" (eating food you aren't extremely pumped on). Until you pick that meal that is AWESOME
  2. Write down 3 goals that you want to complete in the next 8 WEEKS! that is very short time frame so make sure they are SMART goals (look up the acronym to help you write them)
  3. Surround yourself with doers! you know a few of these people in your life. They are the people in your life that exhaust you even by knowing them. You think, "How the heck do they do so much?!" yeah, ask to hang out with them. AS OFTEN AS THEY CAN HANDLE YOU. 

Remember, choose one and try it for the next 8 weeks! Small Steps on The Road to Better Health. It IS the journey, not the destination. Subscribe and share with friends if you think they would enjoy this content, I appreciate you more and more every time you share this with your friends! 

The summit of Mt Whitney a few years ago. Seeing myself as a dreamer that DOES. A good friend of mine Jesse Aston and I take a pic amidst the snow without shirts on. Being goofballs as usual. 

The summit of Mt Whitney a few years ago. Seeing myself as a dreamer that DOES. A good friend of mine Jesse Aston and I take a pic amidst the snow without shirts on. Being goofballs as usual. 

Courage and Commitment

In keeping with the trend that I have been writing about the past few weeks on why being healthy is hard, I am writing about courage and commitment and how they can help you live a healthier life. 

Courage is the ability to do something that scares you and the opposite of this would be cowardice. Now most of us (myself included) wouldn't consider ourselves cowards, but are we walking in the truth that we ARE courageous? Do you look at things in your life that scare you and tell yourself and others around with you that you can and will do them? This can be anything in your life, not just health. Take my fear of heights for example. Can I walk up to a 30 foot cliff and jump into the water below!? At first, I lacked the courage even to do this. My fear was crippling. Even after watching several other people jump and be totally fine (actually having fun) I still had this crazy fear inside of me. 

Guess where I found my courage to jump?

It was the community around me that pushed me to overcome my cowardice. I was surrounded by people who wanted to ENCOURAGE me. I really didn't do that much, it was the people I was with who made the biggest difference. I jumped off a 30 ft cliff (which wasn't that big for some of the people that I was with...) and I actually ended up feeling like a stronger and more confident person because of it. 

This is one of the first times that I realized that courage and community were connected in a special way.


Commitment is another aspect that I want to focus on. It is very easy to make commitments to yourself and sometimes commitments you make to yourself are the most satisfying, but they are often the first to go when we encounter struggle. The commitments we make to ourselves are also the most vital to our health and well being. So why don't we practice commitments with accountability? Why don't we start with smaller practices that we are more likely to succeed with? Here is an example. I want to commit to losing 25 lbs this year. This may seem like a scary commitment because you have a fair probability of failing and not being able to lose those 25 lbs, so you don't tell anyone. This commitment to yourself is actually REALLY important, you know you would be healthier and happier if you commit to this. 

Here's the deal: we are ALL human. which means on our own, we typically make mistakes on a regular basis. 

If you think your exempt from this, you should probably do some self reflection and really think about it. I also have good news for you. We as humans, THRIVE on community. we were meant to live and interact with one another. Here is a second look on how making a commitment to others can impact your life differently than when you make them to yourself. This doesn't mean to stop making commitments to yourself, just practice more with commitments to others! the commitment is the same lose 25 lbs, but this time you're surrounding yourself with useful tools. You also speak to a trainer or good friend who you tell that the next 8 weeks you are committing to workout for an hour two times a week and you need them to check in with you. Next you write this commitment down on paper and tell AS MANY FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE. This might sound crazy, but the chances that you follow through with this commitment skyrocket when your community is involved. You might even find that they find ways to help and ENCOURAGE you on your journey. 


So how do you align yourself with courage and commitment in your life? Look back to a few weeks ago and this theme is becoming clear: Surround your self with like minded people. 

I gave you a few ways to do that a couple weeks ago but I want write a few more out so you can get yourself on The Road to Better Health. 

  • Join a fitness Facebook group
  • Follow motivational Instagram accounts
  • Join a CrossFit gym (not just any gym)
  • Speak with a health and wellness coach
  • Join a wellness challenge like The Whole Life Challenge
  • Invite friends to a cooking class
  • Attend a fitness or wellness expo
  • Go to a farmers market
  • contact us @The Road to Better Health 

These are just a few of the numerous ways that you can join a community of people that will encourage you to grow and support you in your commitments. If you have more that you think I should add to this list, add them in the comments! I want to hear from you! 

Don't forget to subscribe and share with friends. My mission is to positively impact as many people as I can in my life and if I have improved your life in any way, chances are your friends might be encouraged or informed too. 

Why is Being Healthy So Hard?!

So often when I approach others about being healthy I am almost instantaneously hit back with reasons being healthy is too hard and un-achievable. I wanted to know why this is always the first response to a change that seems to be a no brainer. 

The first thought that comes to mind is the quote from Teddy Roosevelt, "Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty..."

But I want to dig deeper into why being healthy is hard and I want to look at one thing in particular that lets everything else fall into place. That piece is HABITS. 

I looked up several different ways that habits are built and broken and why change is hard. I came across this video about making and breaking habits and it's AWESOME! I linked it below

This sparked my interest and opened my eyes a little bit to why and how others see habits and of course how I see the simple habits all over my life.

The 3 things that he talks about are SINGAL SPEED, WILLPOWER MUSCLE, AUTOPILOT. He shows pretty good visual explanation of how each of these influences habits in very real ways. 

Connecting habits with health, Charles Duhigg wrote a book called "The Power of Habit" where he talks about how our will power is finite. 

What does this mean? Well if we try to form too many habits at the same time, or make BIG changes in our lives, our willpower gets tired and we end up not being able to form the habit. 

While trying to take on all the new habits associated with healthy living our willpower is spread VERY thin and the likelyhood that we give up is high. Don't get sucked into too many habits at the same time. 

He also found that as people strengthened their willpower muscles in one part of their lives - in the gym, or a money management program - that strength spilled over into what they ate or how hard they worked. 

So we know that once you can steadily build your willpower, it DOES start to effect all areas of your life. 

Here is my lesson for you today. If living healthy feels like too big of a task, I ask you to focus just one ONE aspect until it becomes habit, then move to the next aspect. I have found that this, like goal setting, cuts the image from the massive mountain to the next step and become much more attainable. 

What do I think everyone's first step should be? Easy, Join a community of like minded people. This could be a Facebook group, it could be a newsletter HERE (shameless plug), it could be a challenge, it can seriously be anything where you are exposed to more information about health and wellness. Once you are consistently learning about what it means to be healthy, Then it's time to take the next step. That step can be different for everyone! You can take THIS quiz to see where that step should be. 

Next time the thought of being healthy makes you feel overwhelmed, remember, all things worth doing are hard, but YOU have the tools to make it easier on yourself. 

Welcome to The Road to Better Health


Time to Step up and Reach Out

In the past year I have been gearing up to launch my health and wellness company whose mission is to improve the lives of as many people I can reach. While going through college and after graduating I have always been trying to find my life's mission and I truly believe that I have found mine and want you to be a part of it. I studied sports medicine at Pepperdine and have spent the past 5 years as a CrossFit coach at CrossFit Malibu under the infamous Michael Anderson. I have worked hard to get several certifications and relevant work experience from as many different people as I can. Check out our ABOUT page to read up about this

The Road to Better Health is the realization of my mission to bring health and wellness to the local area around me and reach out virtually to impact those who want to live a healthier happier life but would like some guidance on the journey. I’m excited to have you along.

I do several things that I believe I have mastered and can help others become better with. Things like personal training, ocean safety lessons, corporate wellness programs, remote wellness coaching, basic financial coaching, and adventure retreats are a few and I’m still developing others. The goal of all of my services are to genuinely care about people enough to challenge what they think they are capable of and lead them to a better life.

Check out the PLAY hats at the bottom of the page!

I am inviting you to be a part of my journey and there are several different ways you can get involved and add value to your life.


Every week I release new ways that you can put yourself on the road to better health. These can range from daily practices to helpful apps to track your progress, to how-to guides for things you've always known you should do but just didn't know how to get started. It’s completely free and you can sign up here: BLOG. Don’t worry, I’m not spamming you. Please check out my content before you sign up so you don’t get confused about what I write about.


I would like to post more and more videos on my channel but I need the support from you guys. I typically post either about my adventures in the outdoors or health and wellness tips to keep you moving! 

I want to expand into filming some exercise demos, and in depth strategies on how to live a healthier happier life. By December my goal is to be putting out 1 new video each week. Check it out here: YouTube


This is the only one that requires you to actually talk to me, in case that absolutely terrifies you. I am, after all, a pretty hard guy to get along with. ;)

For $85 (less than $30 month) you can work 1 on 1 with me from anywhere in the US to develop a 90 day wellness program that is tailored to your goals and needs (50% discount). We start with a personal assessment of 3 large areas of your life; food, exercise, and stress, we do some baseline testing and goal setting and based off that I create a 90 day program that aimed at improving your life in the areas that you need it most. I check in with you weekly to see what and how changes can to be made. After 3 months we re-evaluate and change our goals accordingly. 

Sound like something you might want to try? Check it out HERE.


If you have read all this are still not interested in anything I have to say, I ask you one MASSIVE favor. Share my page or content with someone you think could benefit from what I am offering. You can find peace in knowing that you are making ME the best version of myself by doing so. Every person who you share this with has a profound impact on how I am able to grow in the coming years. 


My logo for the company is very important to me because it includes the word PLAY. This word has shaped my life in the past 7 years and I want to inspire and encourage others to embrace the power of this word in their lives. 

PLAY is a verb that means to do an activity for enjoyment rather than a serious purpose. As we grow out of childhood this is a concept for most of us that we unlearn and sometimes even mock. Play has the power to flip your world upside down and put you on the road to better health.

I have created a high quality hat with sustainable materials with the goal to expand my reach, to remind you to go play, and to spread joy to as many people as I can. 

The hat comes with two stickers and a PLAY placard so you can always have a reminder around even if you're not wearing your hat! I've included some pictures so you can check it out. 

I am linking a pre-order form HERE so you can secure your hat early. You have the option to pay now or pay later, but paying now gets you a sweet little discount. 


Moving into the unknown is a scary thing and very hard to step into but I have spent the past 7 years preparing myself to make a move like this. Learning many incredible things on my journey to where I am today, being mentored by peopled I respected, and finding peace in my short comings and areas of improvement, and it's just the start. Thank you for supporting me through the years, you all have driven me it follow my dreams and become who I am supposed to be!

Thank you for all your support and look forward to seeing you on The Road to Better Health,

Kolby Krystofik

What do you do with your boredom?

Boredom is something that some people find themselves in A LOT and others have so much on their plate that all of their free time is taken up by something on their schedule. But it's something that we all deal with, if you've never been bored, you're not human ;).

Are you aware of your boredom is the real question. The next time you're sitting somewhere twiddling your thumbs, be very conscious of  your tendencies. Do you let your mind wander into day dreaming, do you get up and do some air squats, do you reach for your phone to check Facebook or Instagram? We all do SOMETHING in our boredom and I want you to be aware of what it is for you. 

It's next to impossible to change something until you're aware you are doing it. Here's an example. Recently I started filming myself more and more and became aware of my tendency of saying UM alllllllllll the time! It was something that I didn't even realize I was doing, not to mention 2 or 3 times in a sentence. Now that I was aware of my actions (even if it was at a subconscious level) I can hear myself saying it and start to make changes away from what I was doing. 

This challenge goes out to everyone who realizes that they turn to their electronic devices to cure themselves of boredom (myself included). What if every time you found yourself bored and wanting to check the internet, make the realization and choose to do something else! That could be holding your breath as long as you can, it could be trying a handstand, it could be learning a new skill that you've always wanted to learn, it could be sitting and being mindful for a few minutes, it could be any number of things.



Last weekend Liz and myself and a few of our friends went on an adventure to Catalina Island and did a little exploring and I want to share our adventure with you! Check out our video on YouTube and while you're at it be sure to subscribe to get our latest videos and content. Just our way to stay outside playing! 

Working out? Sometimes You Gotta Measure

I am a huge advocate of PLAY in our everyday lives but I am also a big advocate for good planning, and excellent execution when it comes to goals that we have. Dave Ramsey says something like an hour of planning saves several hours of wasted time and energy. 

At the beginning and end of the whole life challenge we will measure our fitness (with a workout) and weigh ourselves. The goal isn't necessarily to loose weight but it is helpful data to have. (Remember we are talking about our goals!) In the video below, follow Liz and I as we explain the workout we will do as a team (or on your own) at the start and finish of the challenge. If you haven't signed up yet, click here to sign up and join the movement to The Road to Better Health. 

10 Minute AMRAP

20 Reverse Step Lunges 

2x10 Meter Run

10 Push Ups

2x10 Meter Run

10 Air Squats

2x10 Meter Run

Remember to write down EXACTLY how you did this work out, including what height your step ups were if you modified the lunges, how exactly you did your push ups, were they on the ground, your knees, a table, against a wall, and how you did your squats, did you use full depth, did you use your favorite chair, did you sit on a box, or did bend the knees a tiny bit? All of these things are important to write down for the end. Even write how how you felt during the workout to compare to the end and remember, its all over after 10 minutes!

Malibu Half Marathon

As some of you already know, I was selected to be an ambassador for the Malibu Half Marathon here in Malibu in November and I'm excited to announce that I'm teaming up with Malibu's 5 Point Yoga owner, Ted McDonald to share our training with those of you in the area!

On a weekly basis we will post different spots we plan to be to get a workout in and would love for you guys to come get a workout with us. The majority of our workouts will be trail running, mountain biking, and ocean swimming, but there will be other stuff mixed in there every once in a while (think yoga or CrossFit) 

We want to share with you how we get outside to train and play in our home environment, so be on the lookout (Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor) for early morning workouts or mid day get togethers and put yourself on the road to better health! 

Malibu local or not, don't forget to sign up for the Malibu Half using my discount code: MALIBUKOLBY17 for $15 off and experience one of the prettiest runs you'll ever do.

If you enjoy any of my content, subscribe below to stay up to date with health tips and life in Malibu! I'd love to have you along for the ride. COMING SOON: reviewing a book that I read recently that has changed my take on how I want to live my life.


Stay With Me

The end of The Whole Life Challenge is here, but this isn't where the road ends.

I want to take a moment and thank all of you who decided to take this step in the right direction, and your dedication to these past 8 weeks. However, the journey continues on. I want to invite you to stay with me and continue to learn how to continue taking steps towards the best version of yourself. I want you to continue to reach out to me for advice for workouts, advice in nutrition, advice on how to make small changes now that have large effects later. I want you to ask questions that you don't have answers to. I want you to BE BETTER. 

Check out this page to see if I can help you with REMOTE PROGRAMMING

With the end of the challenge, we are going to do the WLC Post Test described in the video below. You did it 56 days ago and you will do it again some time in the next week to test your fitness. REMEMBER, I want you to do this workout EXACTLY how you did it last time so we can MEASURE the changes. Post your scores to the comments section below and on the WLC dashboard.

The past few weeks I have been coordinating and competing in something called The CrossFit Games Open, a 5 week competition that CrossFit Headquarters puts on as the first phase of finding the fittest man and woman on earth. Last weekend a good friend of mine Cecily Breeding took some fun shots of the Saturday morning competition. Check them out below and then Check out the CrossFit Games website to see some videos of some very talented athletes doing the same workouts the rest of us do!


The Choice is Yours

Welcome to the last week of The Whole Life Challenge! Our final lifestyle challenge is a little bit different this week. Over the past 7 weeks we have been experimenting with a new lifestyle challenge each week in order to find healthier habits that we can incorporate into our life after the "challenge" is over. 

This week YOU are going to choose one of the previous seven lifestyle challenges and finish off week 8 by completing it each day 

Here is the list of the seven previous weeks that you can choose from:

Create Your Future - Identify 3 short, medium or long-term goals at the beginning of the week. Re-write them each day by hand...simple daily reminder of what you’re shooting for in your life.

Support Your Teammates - Commenting daily on 3 of your team members' reflections

Meditation - Spend 10 minutes every day sitting silently watching your breath, observing your thoughts, repeating a mantra, or following a guided meditation

No Media Meals - Turn off all media during meals - whether you're alone or with someone. This includes computers, mobile devices, TV, and radio

Bedtime Ritual - Spend 5-10 minutes before bed taking actions to wind or quiet down before bed

See the Beauty - Take 3-5 photos during your day of things you think look beautiful, cool, or inspiring

Journaling - Spend 10 minutes daily writing in a journal

Post what you have chosen in a comment below to share with others

As we approach the end of this challenge I want you to reflect back on how these past 8 weeks went for you. You made specific goals at the beginning of this road. Check back in- where did you land amidst these goals? We all had different reasons for signing up for the challenge, but we all share the common goal of leading a healthier life. For some of you it was losing a few pounds, for others it was getting out and sweating more often, and yet for others it was to become more disciplined in the fuel you supply your body with. There was no right or wrong answer to why you signed up, only that you did. 

I feel very strongly that I have been called to create opportunities for others to meet and excel goals of their own in the realm of health and fitness. With that being said, I am here for YOU. Please send me a text, email or heck even give me a call so I can answer any questions you might have pertaining to The Road to Better Health.

I want to create value in your life and I do this in a couple different ways;

Personal Training 1 on 1 instruction where we tackle constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity, taking on complex motor patterns to make you a better prepared human in your every day life.

Remote programming for 1 month at a time where we work together to create a fitness prescription to best fit your goals with weekly progress check-ins.

Or a free health and fitness consultation where we talk about your goals and some ways to get you cruising on the road to better health. 


In the last week of the challenge, I want to offer something very special in place of a raffle. I am going to give away a month worth of Remote Programming ($65 value) to every participant who can post perfect scores from this Saturday, March 11th to next Saturday, March 18th. I want to see YOU finish this challenge strong and learn as much as you possibly can! 

The road to better health isn't always paved, sometimes it can be quite adventurous

The road to better health isn't always paved, sometimes it can be quite adventurous

What Does YOUR Reflection Look Like?

Welcome to week 7 of the whole life challenge! We have 2 more weeks left, the end of the tunnel is in sight. This week we take a deeper look at reflections, and no I'm not talking about mirrors.

Starting Saturday, you will spend 10 minutes each day writing in a personal journal

I have never been a big fan of writing my entire life, even as a young kid I can remember HATING writing assignments. I think most of my dislike came from being a pretty terrible writer and finding frustration when I would read things that my peers wrote and comparing it with things that I wrote. This dislike stuck with me for a majority of my high school and college years and even into post grad life. I never seemed to be getting any better at writing, but then again, I wasn't writing very often.

Journaling is a practice that doesn't have a particularly profound effect on your physical life but I know from experience, it sure does help with your ability to communicate effectively with others. This might seem unimportant or irrelevant but concise communication is a skill (yes, it must be practiced) that is often overlooked and makes others stop and listen. If having your voice (not literally a quite voice) heard is something that you have struggled with then writing in a journal is a practice that could end up improving the way that you communicate with others and communicate with yourself. 

For those of you who pride yourself on your writing skills, you might already keep a journal, but if you don't, give this practice a try for a week and see if it is a practice that adds value to your life. 

Beach Body Yoga Studio 

This past weekend I got to have a really awesome experience helping out a friend of mine Ted McDonald owner of 5 Point Yoga here in Malibu. He has recently joined the Beach Body Online team and has been creating yoga routines to share with hundreds of thousands of users around the world. This routines are rehearsed to perfection and have an entire production team come together to shoot the routine almost like they would a movie. 

I got to be a part of his yoga team to shoot yoga for runners, yoga for cyclists, and yoga for the weekend warrior, that's right! I am going to be in a couple of the videos that will be released in April! This day was a total blast. I have never been on an official "set" like this one. we were treated with breakfast and lunch, and have outfit changes for each of the shoots and even "hair and makeup" between each of the sessions. The yoga routines were fairly straight forward but were definitely still challenging. If you would consider yourself a yogi, I challenge you to check out the Beach Body Studio online and take a class or two from your living room! Here is the link: Beach Body On Demand


Here are some photos of my time in the Beach Body Yoga Studio

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The raffle requirement for the Whole Life Challenge this week is a lead into the lifestyle practice for next week! Pictures! Sometimes life IS better with when a few pics are snapped. 


Starting Saturday February 25th YOU will take between 3-5 pictures each day

That's right! pictures. Some of you might be saying, "I don't need to take pictures to remember things, I am really good at taking mental pictures." I am the same way, trust me.

However, over the recent past I have been more and more diligent about taking pictures of fun things that I see, do, or experience and have been finding myself looking back. When I have actual pictures to look at I find myself creating stories around those pictures and those stories are fun to share with friends and family. Creating stories around photos may sound silly but can be powerful down the road. If you have Facebook (I am not normally a big social media advocate) but I do like the "memories" feature that comes up on the time line, it's fun to recall events and people, and places that are brought up in those images. 

So for 7 days practice taking 3-5 photos of fun things that you do, places you go, or maybe even food you make. Anything that you think is cool, snap a photo of it. Maybe even share a photo or two on Facebook/WLC site/ or even this blog! lets see what you are doing!

This picture is from last weekend When I was out sailing with friends. We raced in Redondo Beach with some bouy racing after a really big storm on Friday with heavy winds and rain. Saturday seemed to be better and conditions seemed to hold until we finished racing and were headed back into Kings Harbor (in Redondo Beach) when the surf starting picking up and the wind picked up a bit as well. After waves crashing directly over the breakwater, and no slips being available, we decided to sail back to Marina Del Rey as the sun set. An experience I'll never forget and one of the most exhilarating feelings I've ever had. I wish I had more photos to explain the trip back the Marina but you can use your imagination. We were climbing 15' open water swells with a reefed main and #4 jib sail (smallest sails) and going 7.5 knots upwind (very fast) while the sun set and after. Soaking wet when we arrived in the marina from water washing over the boat, we were ready to head to bed as quickly as possible. 

Wound up for winding down


Saturday marks the half way point for the Whole Life Challenge, Congrats on making it this far! It is something to be proud of, the road to better health isn't always the easiest road to be on. You might be starting to notice changes in your habits, in your cravings and maybe even some changes in your body. Now is about the time that we start to see changes start to happen, and unfortunately it is also the time that we all start to get a little weary about the challenge. We might have had a couple days that you didn't get any nutrition points, or didn't exercise for a few days. I am right there with you. 

I took some "points" over the weekend in almost all of the categories. . . I had In'n'out, Panda Express, lots of sugary snacks, a hand full of beers and a couple glasses of wine, not to mention the lack of sleep and poor water consumption. 

So I had to log quite a few 0's on my scores the last few days. . . 

It had me thinking that I could take one of a couple roads from there (see what I did there?)

I could say, "screw it" and go back to how I was eating pre-whole life challenge (if you read my blog post about donuts, you know they are my weakness), or I could get back on the road to better health.

And I really want to get back on track, because I feel awesome when I'm on the right road. My body feels so much stronger when I treat it right. 

So I wanted to share some ways that I get back on the road after missing a day or five of one of the habits. Check them out and hopefully you can find them useful when you're eating the rocky road ice cream.

One Perfect Day:

This is super simple, wake up in the morning (or night before) and make it the days goal to have a full points day, 100% in EVERYTHING for 24hrs. Eat, sleep, drinking water, working out, stretching, lifestyle practice, and writing my reflection.

I find this super helpful for several reasons. First, I've cut my "rocky road" behavior right off and gotten back on the right road. Second, when I am doing everything well, I am more motivated to keep doing well. Third, it keeps me focus on just one day at a time. I stop worrying about the long road and just take one step at a time. 

Remember Why:

When we started the challenge, we were asked why and to put it in writing (even if you didn't write anything down, you did have a reason for doing this challenge.) Remembering this reason and actually writing it down can be a powerful tool to re-dedicate yourself to the challenge. 

My goal for this challenge is one that I have wanted to do for the last couple challenges but never remembered by the start of the next challenge. I want to stack the lifestyle practices each week starting with 1 challenge and ending with 8 challenges. ( I have even gotten off track this challenge ) so here is to me re-dedicating this goal in writing for everyone to see. 

This goal is important to me and everyday I can move closer and closer to achieving this goal. Maybe you write out what your goal is and make it public to have others help keep you accountable, or keep it private and put it somewhere where YOU will see it everyday and be reminded (mirror or computer screen) 

I hope these techniques for getting back on the road to better health are helpful to you- and if you have one that I didn't share, I'm sure that everyone else would love to hear! 

Winding Down Before Bedtime 

This weeks lifestyle challenge is to spend 5-10 minutes purposefully and intentionally winding and calming down before bed. Often times we go all day and stay busy through the evening and go to bed in a rush with a ton of things still on our mind. This can create some anxiety before bed and even cause you to lay awake, taking away from a restful nights sleep. 

Try reading a book for pleasure or doing 10 minutes of meditation, or maybe it is a great time to spend 10 minutes stretching on the floor. Whatever you do, the intention is to wind down. Post some ways you used that were helpful for YOU to wind down before bed!

Remember me talking about falling off the health wagon and getting a few 0's on nutrition, yeah well here is a little video I took over the weekend of our trip. 

No Media Meals

This week the lifestyle challenge is particularly challenging and eye opening. Take a deep breath and get ready to underestimate the amount of time that you spend on social media. Remember, you are on that road to better health.


Commit to not using social media of any kind during any of your meals

For the next week, Saturday February 11th to Saturday February 18th, you will commit to not using social media of any kind during any of your meals whether you are with friends or are alone. This includes things like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrist, LinkedIn,  email, texting, or games on your phone. 

For me, this lifestyle challenge really threw a huge brick in my face when I realized that I passively scroll through social media on several occasions each day. Especially when I eat meals by myself, I find that I immediately pull out my phone to check some things and end up finishing my meal without even noticing it. 

The intention of this weeks challenge is to create more of a relationship with you and the food you are putting in your body. Taking a little extra time and making meal time something that you do undistributed. You become a little more aware of the food you are eating and you might even start tasting your food differently and maybe even eating different quantities of your food too. Post your thoughts to comments and let me know if I am the only one who thinks this will be difficult. 

Making a plan

Often times I find that making a plan for my exercise each week increases the amount of training I actually do and allows me time to get outside and play too. I wanted to share a typical week of training for me and how I balance training and playing. My schedule changes EVERY week so this is just an example. (mostly dependent on the waves, I love surfing)

AM CrossFit @ CrossFit Malibu
PM CrossFit @ CrossFit Malibu
PM Yin Yoga @ 5 Point Yoga
Play day or
PM CrossFit @ CrossFit Malibu
AM Yoga @ 5 Point Yoga
PM CrossFit @ CrossFit Malibu
Play day or
Beach workout
Play day or
Rest day

Hope this is helpful as you try to plan your future weeks. As a general rule of thumb, if you sign up for a class beforehand, you are more likely to follow through and go. If you decide to workout at home, having the tv on is a sure way to distract your self from actually getting meaningful movement in. 

Had the privilege of driving the the beautiful valley of Ojai, CA just north of where I live where there are some beautiful ranches and walnut farms. Below are a couple photos of Black Mountain Ranch.

Stronger in Numbers

This week I want to talk about the lifestyle challenge for week two: Supporting your teammates on their reflections. The actual requirement is quite simple, comment on 3 different players' reflections each day. What can come out of the act is far more than a little bit of social interaction. 

This lifestyle challenge starts on Saturday Jan 28 and goes until Saturday Feb 4th. For those of you not doing the Whole Life Challenge, I still encourage you to compliment 1-3 people a day for the next 7 days. 

When you dive in and read some of your teammates' reflections, you create a stronger connection to each of them and can understand how the challenge is going for them. This can ultimately help you better understand how the challenge is going for YOU.


I heard a story the other day about teamwork. It really stuck with me and I wanted to share it as soon as I heard it. The story goes like this: a Belgian work horse can drag 8,000 pounds by itself. That is a massive work horse. Now if you put two of those horses side by side and test their ability to pull, you might assume that it is double the dragging power, or 16,000 pounds. I assumed the same thing, two of these horses, never trained together before, never even seen each other before, when put together, can actually pull 24,000 pounds THREE times what one horse could do on its own. The even cooler part about this story is if you train two of these Belgian horses together for a time and really get them figuring out how to work together they can pull a staggering 32,000 pounds between the two of them. FOUR times the pulling power of one horse with just two horses that learn to compliment and work with one another. I think this knowledge can be applied to us and those we surround ourselves with.

I want to challenge you with creating your comments to others on the team to be thoughtful, encouraging, and uplifting. When we play like a team more of us can win, more of us can benefit, and I think that you will find that your own pulling power will be increased.   

What is CrossFit?

On a separate note, for those of you who don't know what I do for a living, here is a video of me explaining what CrossFit is. I believe in what I do! Is this different than what you thought CrossFit was? 

One Goal From The End of The Game

Welcome to the start of The Whole Life Challenge! Each week we focus on a new lifestyle challenge and this week is GOALS! Do you practice writing your goals? or are they just some mystical dream that you think of every once in a while, then they wisp away just as quick as they came up. 

Goals are a health practice that is often overlooked as something that seems nice to do but doesn't really make an impact in the caziness of daily life. I see goals fitting under the realm of personal development, and personal development is a key to a happier, healthier life. 

Starting on week one (Saturday Jan 21st) you will WRITE DOWN a short term goal (up to 1 year), a middle term goal (1-3 years), and a long term goal (3-5 years) and you will RE-WRITE these goals everyday over the next week. 

The idea here is to create a vision for yourself here. They say when you write something down on paper, it changes the way you see it. Think about learning. As crazy as it may seem, when learning new skills or material, writing the material you are trying to learn down on a piece of paper actually improves your retention. Really want to nail it down, try writing it down everyday for a week. I can almost guarantee that that material is going to be on your mind a lot more often. 

Now translate that idea to your goals as you're thinking about them on Saturday. Spend a solid 15-30 minutes (maybe more) writing down these 3 goals. If you have more than 3 that you would like to write down, then more power to you! (but lets try to keep it under 5 to keep your focus pretty solid, and not overwhelmed) 

After you have your Short, Mid, and Long term goals, you will re-write those goals every morning for the next 7 days! I will check back in with you next week to see how this exercise worked for you. Did you find that your goals changed slightly over the week, were your goals getting easier to remember, were you starting to think about steps to achieving each of your goals, did they inspire any change in your actions? Can't wait to hear from you. 

On top of the weekly lifestyle challenge, remember to complete the other areas that you can get points throughout this next 8 weeks, nutrition, exercise, stretching, water intake, sleep, and reflections. be sure to check in with the Whole Life Challenge website if you are confused on how you score each of these categories. 

Whole Life Challenge pre-workout explaniation video

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