Stronger in Numbers

This week I want to talk about the lifestyle challenge for week two: Supporting your teammates on their reflections. The actual requirement is quite simple, comment on 3 different players' reflections each day. What can come out of the act is far more than a little bit of social interaction. 

This lifestyle challenge starts on Saturday Jan 28 and goes until Saturday Feb 4th. For those of you not doing the Whole Life Challenge, I still encourage you to compliment 1-3 people a day for the next 7 days. 

When you dive in and read some of your teammates' reflections, you create a stronger connection to each of them and can understand how the challenge is going for them. This can ultimately help you better understand how the challenge is going for YOU.


I heard a story the other day about teamwork. It really stuck with me and I wanted to share it as soon as I heard it. The story goes like this: a Belgian work horse can drag 8,000 pounds by itself. That is a massive work horse. Now if you put two of those horses side by side and test their ability to pull, you might assume that it is double the dragging power, or 16,000 pounds. I assumed the same thing, two of these horses, never trained together before, never even seen each other before, when put together, can actually pull 24,000 pounds THREE times what one horse could do on its own. The even cooler part about this story is if you train two of these Belgian horses together for a time and really get them figuring out how to work together they can pull a staggering 32,000 pounds between the two of them. FOUR times the pulling power of one horse with just two horses that learn to compliment and work with one another. I think this knowledge can be applied to us and those we surround ourselves with.

I want to challenge you with creating your comments to others on the team to be thoughtful, encouraging, and uplifting. When we play like a team more of us can win, more of us can benefit, and I think that you will find that your own pulling power will be increased.   

What is CrossFit?

On a separate note, for those of you who don't know what I do for a living, here is a video of me explaining what CrossFit is. I believe in what I do! Is this different than what you thought CrossFit was?