Wound up for winding down


Saturday marks the half way point for the Whole Life Challenge, Congrats on making it this far! It is something to be proud of, the road to better health isn't always the easiest road to be on. You might be starting to notice changes in your habits, in your cravings and maybe even some changes in your body. Now is about the time that we start to see changes start to happen, and unfortunately it is also the time that we all start to get a little weary about the challenge. We might have had a couple days that you didn't get any nutrition points, or didn't exercise for a few days. I am right there with you. 

I took some "points" over the weekend in almost all of the categories. . . I had In'n'out, Panda Express, lots of sugary snacks, a hand full of beers and a couple glasses of wine, not to mention the lack of sleep and poor water consumption. 

So I had to log quite a few 0's on my scores the last few days. . . 

It had me thinking that I could take one of a couple roads from there (see what I did there?)

I could say, "screw it" and go back to how I was eating pre-whole life challenge (if you read my blog post about donuts, you know they are my weakness), or I could get back on the road to better health.

And I really want to get back on track, because I feel awesome when I'm on the right road. My body feels so much stronger when I treat it right. 

So I wanted to share some ways that I get back on the road after missing a day or five of one of the habits. Check them out and hopefully you can find them useful when you're eating the rocky road ice cream.

One Perfect Day:

This is super simple, wake up in the morning (or night before) and make it the days goal to have a full points day, 100% in EVERYTHING for 24hrs. Eat, sleep, drinking water, working out, stretching, lifestyle practice, and writing my reflection.

I find this super helpful for several reasons. First, I've cut my "rocky road" behavior right off and gotten back on the right road. Second, when I am doing everything well, I am more motivated to keep doing well. Third, it keeps me focus on just one day at a time. I stop worrying about the long road and just take one step at a time. 

Remember Why:

When we started the challenge, we were asked why and to put it in writing (even if you didn't write anything down, you did have a reason for doing this challenge.) Remembering this reason and actually writing it down can be a powerful tool to re-dedicate yourself to the challenge. 

My goal for this challenge is one that I have wanted to do for the last couple challenges but never remembered by the start of the next challenge. I want to stack the lifestyle practices each week starting with 1 challenge and ending with 8 challenges. ( I have even gotten off track this challenge ) so here is to me re-dedicating this goal in writing for everyone to see. 

This goal is important to me and everyday I can move closer and closer to achieving this goal. Maybe you write out what your goal is and make it public to have others help keep you accountable, or keep it private and put it somewhere where YOU will see it everyday and be reminded (mirror or computer screen) 

I hope these techniques for getting back on the road to better health are helpful to you- and if you have one that I didn't share, I'm sure that everyone else would love to hear! 

Winding Down Before Bedtime 

This weeks lifestyle challenge is to spend 5-10 minutes purposefully and intentionally winding and calming down before bed. Often times we go all day and stay busy through the evening and go to bed in a rush with a ton of things still on our mind. This can create some anxiety before bed and even cause you to lay awake, taking away from a restful nights sleep. 

Try reading a book for pleasure or doing 10 minutes of meditation, or maybe it is a great time to spend 10 minutes stretching on the floor. Whatever you do, the intention is to wind down. Post some ways you used that were helpful for YOU to wind down before bed!

Remember me talking about falling off the health wagon and getting a few 0's on nutrition, yeah well here is a little video I took over the weekend of our trip.