What Does YOUR Reflection Look Like?

Welcome to week 7 of the whole life challenge! We have 2 more weeks left, the end of the tunnel is in sight. This week we take a deeper look at reflections, and no I'm not talking about mirrors.

Starting Saturday, you will spend 10 minutes each day writing in a personal journal

I have never been a big fan of writing my entire life, even as a young kid I can remember HATING writing assignments. I think most of my dislike came from being a pretty terrible writer and finding frustration when I would read things that my peers wrote and comparing it with things that I wrote. This dislike stuck with me for a majority of my high school and college years and even into post grad life. I never seemed to be getting any better at writing, but then again, I wasn't writing very often.

Journaling is a practice that doesn't have a particularly profound effect on your physical life but I know from experience, it sure does help with your ability to communicate effectively with others. This might seem unimportant or irrelevant but concise communication is a skill (yes, it must be practiced) that is often overlooked and makes others stop and listen. If having your voice (not literally a quite voice) heard is something that you have struggled with then writing in a journal is a practice that could end up improving the way that you communicate with others and communicate with yourself. 

For those of you who pride yourself on your writing skills, you might already keep a journal, but if you don't, give this practice a try for a week and see if it is a practice that adds value to your life. 

Beach Body Yoga Studio 

This past weekend I got to have a really awesome experience helping out a friend of mine Ted McDonald owner of 5 Point Yoga here in Malibu. He has recently joined the Beach Body Online team and has been creating yoga routines to share with hundreds of thousands of users around the world. This routines are rehearsed to perfection and have an entire production team come together to shoot the routine almost like they would a movie. 

I got to be a part of his yoga team to shoot yoga for runners, yoga for cyclists, and yoga for the weekend warrior, that's right! I am going to be in a couple of the videos that will be released in April! This day was a total blast. I have never been on an official "set" like this one. we were treated with breakfast and lunch, and have outfit changes for each of the shoots and even "hair and makeup" between each of the sessions. The yoga routines were fairly straight forward but were definitely still challenging. If you would consider yourself a yogi, I challenge you to check out the Beach Body Studio online and take a class or two from your living room! Here is the link: Beach Body On Demand


Here are some photos of my time in the Beach Body Yoga Studio

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