Stay With Me

The end of The Whole Life Challenge is here, but this isn't where the road ends.

I want to take a moment and thank all of you who decided to take this step in the right direction, and your dedication to these past 8 weeks. However, the journey continues on. I want to invite you to stay with me and continue to learn how to continue taking steps towards the best version of yourself. I want you to continue to reach out to me for advice for workouts, advice in nutrition, advice on how to make small changes now that have large effects later. I want you to ask questions that you don't have answers to. I want you to BE BETTER. 

Check out this page to see if I can help you with REMOTE PROGRAMMING

With the end of the challenge, we are going to do the WLC Post Test described in the video below. You did it 56 days ago and you will do it again some time in the next week to test your fitness. REMEMBER, I want you to do this workout EXACTLY how you did it last time so we can MEASURE the changes. Post your scores to the comments section below and on the WLC dashboard.

The past few weeks I have been coordinating and competing in something called The CrossFit Games Open, a 5 week competition that CrossFit Headquarters puts on as the first phase of finding the fittest man and woman on earth. Last weekend a good friend of mine Cecily Breeding took some fun shots of the Saturday morning competition. Check them out below and then Check out the CrossFit Games website to see some videos of some very talented athletes doing the same workouts the rest of us do!