I’ve been passionate about fitness my entire life but it wasn’t until my college years that I really started to understand that health and fitness are connected and that balance is a huge factor that connects the two. I continue to learn and grow everyday on my journey to a healthier life. I want share my experiences to touch the lives of as many people as I can.
— Kolby Krystofik, The Road to Better Health

Our Mission

To help others find JOY. We want to use our passion in health, fitness, and outdoors as a tool for learning more about our self, others, and the world around us, we want to foster HONEST relationships through meaningful events and gatherings, and we want to promote a BALANCED and HEALTHY lifestyle via fitness, adventure, and personal development. 

What We believe in

We value experiences more than we value things, and here is why you can trust us:

  • We are teachers at heart, so everything we do is done to share our passion and knowledge with others
  • We have tons of experience, we each have specializing certifications and years of real world training
  • We are humble, we remember what it was like to be in your shoes at some point, so expect to be treated right
  • We love to smile, so if that isn't your thing, maybe we aren't for you. Some say smiling is contagious
  • We are creative, not everybody learns the same and we get that,we work with you to suit your needs and goals
  • We are honest, if we think what we have to offer is not what your looking for, we'll let you know

Friends of The Road to better health