CrossFit helps hunters in Alaska get in shape more
efficiently, so they can spend more time enjoying the
outdoors and less time training.
— CrossFit Journal article linked below

This week I want to talk about one of the biggest misconceptions of training. That it is done to look good and to stay "in shape". So often what we do with our bodies is seen as a requirement so that we don't get some chronic disease or because the doctor told me to and we miss out on so much of life because we never learn to play. Well, play as adults that is. I can almost guarantee that everyone here knew how to play as a kid, in the dirt, in the mud, in the bushes, in the rain, in the park, almost anywhere we found places to play. 

Countless times as an adult I've said and I've heard others say that they wish they could be a kid again. I am convinced that this aspect of play that kids have completely nailed down is what so many of us are drawn to. Yeah sure, we can say that with adult life we just don't have the time to play like kids. To what I would say is our playing looks very different than kids playing. BUT there is one similarity that will stand out for both adults and kids. Physicality. 

In the adult world playing looks like rockclimbing, surfing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, racing, sailing, sports, fishing, and yes, even hunting. The linked article talks about how people in Alaska are using CrossFit training to allow themselves to be outdoors more often and to enjoy their hunting, whether they have to run away from a predator, carry their prey out of the woods, or hide in a certain hiding spot all day. When they train they are gaining a better understanding of how their body works and  and what they are capable of. The more capable and the better you understand your capabilities, the more fun you have. 

I believe you need to train with a purpose and for me that purpose is to play, not only is life incredibly more fun when you get to play, but we are also directly protecting ourselves from chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes when we do so. My advice to you this week is to take a different look at training, look at it as an opportunity to do things that will bring you joy in life and not a requirement "to stay healthy"

I Highly suggest you take 10 minutes and read this article from the CrossFit Journal. It will get you excited about the possibilities for playing as an adult.

This weekend I got to play by going out on a sailboat and race in the Octoberfest series in Marina Del Ray. Sailing has been one of the most exciting things I've learned to do. (and I still can't sail on my own) Even in light winds there is so much that is going on on a thirty-something foot boat. Balance is key and body awareness is huge as the boat is always moving and you have to be ready to counter balance at a moments notice. not to mention all the hoisting, winching, and sail changes that require team work, speed, and agility. What are you going to to this week to play? 

I am very bad at taking photos of things I do, but I promise that I will start taking more and more photos so you guys can feel my experiences a little more in depth! It is always fun and inspiring to see people doing awesome things instead of hear about them.

I am also currently trying to figure out how to set up an email subscription for anybody who who wants to get an email whenever I post new content to the blog! Hopefully by next week I've got it nailed down. (I still feel very new at this whole website thing)


See you next week!